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Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Book Review on Pretty Little Liars: Perfect 3rd Book of Series

Hey! So Yes another Review on a Pretty Little Liars Book. I finished this one the other day. It has 37 Chapters and 298 Pages. The Back Description on the Book says Aria can't resist her Forbidden Ex, Hanna is on the Verge on losing her BFF, Emily is freaking out over a Simple Kiss, And Spencer can't keep her hands off of Anything that Belongs to Her Sister.

This Book had a lot of OMG Moments that made me wanting to know what was going to happen next. The girls go through a lot in this book to try and Figure out who wants to ruin their lives. A stops them though from wanting to tell people about whats been going on by Revealing their Dark Secrets to their Family and Friends. It starts to Ruin Their Relationships and their Personal Life. The girls though have to stick together if they Wanna find out who A really is. During the End of this Book One of The girls know too much for their own good. I will explain in the Summary what this is exactly about.

**Spoiler Alerts In Summary If you Haven't read this book yet then Don't read this part coming Up**

Summary: Throughout this Book the Girls Relationships and Personal life is Ruin by A. Aria Is Dating Sean who is Hanna Ex. Aria Can't get over her Ex Which is Ezra When she is dating Sean. She Ends up Letting her Feelings for Ezra come back which Ends up not so Good For her. She Even Is kicked out of her own House because her mother doesn't want to talk to her after she knew that her Father Cheated. Aria goes live with Sean. At End of Book Aria Stays over Ezra House and Ezra Ends up in Jail when A Tells Sean Where and what Aria has been up to. Hanna and Mona Relationship goes down hill, When Hanna Starts talking to her old Friends Mona gets Mad and Cuts Hanna off of their Friendship. Hanna Goes to Mona Birthday Party and is Humiliated when She shows up wearing same dress as Mona. Mona Embarrassed her and Lucas Comes to Hanna Rescue. Hanna and Lucas Start Making out in Hollis College Library. When Hanna Starts to put everything together Hanna Figures it out Who A is and Tells the Girls to meet her at Their spot. When There Hanna Gets Ran Over by a SUV. A tells the Girls She Knew Too Much. Hanna Life is in Danger now wondering if she will Survive. Emily Mom finds out about her and Maya, She tells Emily it's Tree Tops or Go live with her Aunt and Uncle. SO Emily starts to avoid Maya thinking the feelings will go away but they don't. When Emily starts talking to Becka a Girl From Tree Tops Rehab Emily finds out Becka isn't over her Ex and Emily knows now that she can't change who she is. Emily goes to Mona Party hope that she can Apologize to Maya and that to Explain everything. When They Start talking and Getting Close Emily Mom shows up and catches them, Emily Mom says Emily now Is going away for awhile. Probably to live with her Aunt and Uncle. Spencer is Tired of everything that been going on that lately her grades been slipping but A tells her there is another way to get a good grade on a Essay. Spencer uses Melissa old Essay and makes it her own to turn in to her teacher not Thinking anything will happen. When the Teacher loves Her Essay so much He Nominates her for a Golden Orchid Award. Which is the Highest Award in the Country. Spencer starts feeling Guilty and knowing this won't end good. When Spencer starts seeing a Therapist she is reminded of Ali and Her fight before Ali went Missing. Spencer can remember almost all of the Memory but not how it ended. When something Happens that makes her Remember, Spencer starts to think she Killed Alison. At End of Book A sends Melissa a Text of her Essay and Wonders why she got this, Spencer parents reads it and says there is a Mistake but Melissa found out Spencer stole her Essay. Melissa and Spencer gets in a Fight and Melissa falls down the Stairs and Ends up in Hospital. Spencer doesn't remember it because She blacks out from time to time not remembering what she just did.

Next Book Gonna Read: Pretty Little Liars 4th Book Unbelievable 

Do I Recommend this Book? Yes I feel this Book will make you wonder what could happen next. It has Drama, Romance, Murder and Mystery. 

CES <3

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  1. I absoultly loved reading this series, I am excited for you to find out what happens next!