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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Vlog of the week that Past #1

Hey guys I know Kinda late but I wanted to just talk about how My Week went and Let me say it was a Crazy week but also boring.
Monday my Ex came over to play video games with my brother and I had to say It was kinda Akward. Just we have this amazing Connection but we can't be together right now for reasons. Throughout that day My Mind kept thinking how things could have been if we had stay together but You can't change the past.
Tuesday was pretty boring except I didn't feel good at all. I stay in Bed mostly. But I couldn't get him off my mind still from Yesterday. It's hard when you have feelings for someone but you know you can't be with that person. Also I had my Doctor Appointment which She said I might have a Bladder Disease i go Back in two weeks.
Wednesday I went to my College to do a little bit of Lab hours. All I do is I observe Children and How the Teachers treat them. My Major is a Childrens Major. I wanna work in a Adoption Center or a Childrens Camp. I just need to Make up these Lab hours so in August I can register for my Fall Semester.
Thursday I just stayed home and Spent some time with the Family.
Friday: I had My Second Therapist Appointment. We talked about how my Confidence is Low and What had caused it. We also talked about My Health and How I felt about everything thats been going on lately. Now I won't lie to you....I really liked talking to her because it feels good for me to talk to someone about my emotions and what goes on in my life. Some people say it's a bad thing but if it helps you then it's not a bad thing at all.
Saturday: I spent the Whole day being in Pain. I felt like I couldn't do anything or hardly move. I was just really feeling the Pain. So i tried to relax as much as I could for this Day
Sunday: Today I Was In so Much Pain that My mom Had to take me to Hospital. So when we go there it didn't take long for them to see us. All they made me do was Pee in a Cup and come to found out I had a Urine Infection. So Oh Joy More meds I had now! Ugh :/ It's really annoying lately not knowing what day to day is going bring with my Health. Also It's Fathers Day!! So Just wanna Say To My dad that no matter what we do or what we fight over I still love you.

   So Yea This was how my week went. I will try and do these Vlogs every sunday and it will talk about the week that just past. Just so Ya'll can see what I do on a Everyday to Day Basis.

   Oh I am Almost Done with My Current book I am reading. I got so Far this week with the Book that I look forward to Writing a Review on Pretty Little Liars 3rd book Perfect. So Keep a Look out on that:)

CES <3

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