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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pretty Little Liars

Hey so Today Pretty Little Liars Season 2 comes on tonight and I am ready to see it. I been reading the books on them and I love it so far. I love How PLL Has romance, Drama and Mystery. It keeps you on the edge of your seat wanting to know Whats gonna happen next.

These Girls have an amazing Style. Hanna is more of a Girly/chic Dresser, Aria puts her own twist to outfits, Spencer is more Classy and Emily has a more laid back style. I was wanna ask Who do you think is A? I have my Suspensions. Here is who I Guess on the TV Show:
1. Ian
2. Jason
3. Mona

I mean I would be shocked if it wasn't one of these three people. But I guess we will just to have to wait and see who A really is on the show. Hopefully soon! A Has done so much to the girls that I am wondering what will happen to the girls in Season 2. Be ready for more Kick ass Drama, Romances to spring up in rosewood, and more Secrets to unfold. I don't know how the girls can handle all of it, if I was them I would have already have lost my mind. Well in This Season The Liars will have to see a Therapist. Also we will know What Happen to Ian, Is he Dead or Alive? What do you think?
Now about the Couples in Rosewood, What Do you think?
Will Spencer and Toby Stay Together?
Will Hanna and Caleb Make up?
Will Aria stay with Ezra or Find Someone New?
Will Emily move to Texas? And Will Emily get together with Maya, Samara or Paige?

Remember it comes on Tonight on ABC Family. I know I am gonna be Glued to The Tv. Let me know what you think....

"Can You Keep a Secret"

CES <3

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