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Friday, July 1, 2011

OOTD #4 06/30/2011

Hey! Sorry I haven't done one of these in a while. I am gonna start trying to do these more often though. So this outfit I wore going to College to go spend time with the Kids at Child Development.

These Photos were taking by my Phone Sorry. I am Getting a Camera soon so Better Quality will be coming!
Anyways the Shirt I got at Walmart. I liked the Butterfly and The design it had on it. I haven't wore it in a While so I thought I would today:)
The Pants are just Black Skinny Jeans that I got also from Walmart. There might be a lot of Skinny Jeans in my OOTD Post because I just Love wearing them.
For Shoes I am wearing White Flats that I got from Target.
As For Jewelry I am just wearing two rings that my Grandma got me.

As For Makeup I am wearing my Everyday Makeup Well Makeup that I use when I do put Makeup on. This Makeup I am doing a Post on Next To Explain it More so Look Out for it:) This Routine will Be my Next Blog Post and Should be up by Tomorrow!

So I Promise That Ya'll will be seeing more of these Soon. Sorry about the Quality I should be getting a Camera in September Hopefully.

CES <3

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