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Friday, July 29, 2011

Pretty Little Liars "Surface Tension" 07/26/2011

Hey! Time for another Recap of Pretty Little Liars. Let me know if you would like to see me Recap other Shows as well down Below:) This is Episode: 7
So starting off the Girls are thinking they should trust Garrett the Police Officer if they wanna find things out like Who really killed Alison. They are at Hanna's House discussing what They should do next, When a Basket of goodies showed up with a note that said....
So if you can see it, It says "What Fun Two Little Liars under One Roof You're making It So Easy-A" So Everyone should know by Now that A knows Everything. When Emily finally moves over to Hanna's House Emily wants to start things off well so she makes Breakfast for Hanna and Hanna's Mom. Emily is Just thankful that she could stay in Town instead of going to Texas but this Makes Emily only Train harder as a Swimmer so she can get a Scholarship for real instead of the Fake one that Her Mom still doesn't know about. At Spencer house Toby is Hired by Her dad for him to help Clear up the land and fix it for them. Toby starts a Day earlier to Clear up the Grounds when Spencer shows up and Shows him a little Affection. It seems like their Relationship is Going Strong so Far though. When Toby is digging he Comes across a Hockey Stick.
The Hockey Stick is broken and has "Hastings" name on it. When we see a Flashback during the show it shows That the Hockey Stick belonged to Melissa and Alison was Borrowing it to Try to Learn Field Hockey. When Toby finds it Spencer Dad shows up to tell him He will take Care of it and not to worry or to tell Spencer about it. But Toby does.
At School Hanna and Emily sees Caleb doing another Dirty Deal with a Guy. When Hanna tries and talks to him about it He just tells her not to worry about it. Hanna is Worried though about if He gets caught. When the Girls are at School Hanna Mom and Aria Mom meets up to talk about the Fashion Show. They are starting to realize that Something in the Town of Rosewood is not right and that they shouldn't have Separated the Girls.
At Ezra Office Aria Tries and talks him out of coming to Her Family Dinner Party that they are having tonight. Aria doesn't want him to come but Ezra thinks it is a Good Idea that he should come. He wants them to take "Baby Steps" so that Aria Parents Warm up to Ezra being around in Aria Life. Aria soon finds out later that Jason is also coming to the Party!! Uh Oh How is Aria going to deal with this?
At The Party everything seems to be going well. Ezra talks to the People there about his Journey and Bicycling when Jason joins in to discuss it. It seems like their getting along. Aria soon steps out to go to her Room to get a Call from Spencer talking about the Hockey Stick that could Possible be a Murder Weapon. The Party is soon Interrupted when the Cops showed up at Aria House! Come to find out the Cops have Mike Downtown Arrested because He was breaking into another House again. Why do You think Mike is doing this? Could it end of Worse for Him?

When Byron and Ella wanted to talk to him about how he is Acting lately but Mike doesn't wanna talk about it. Wonders what He will do Next? Anyways when Aria Parents are getting Mike, Aria goes through Mike's Room trying to find out what He has been up to. Aria Suddenly finds a Handmade Candle that Jenna made. Aria wonder's why Mike has this and to find out Aria Kicks out the rest of her Guest. Also before she finds that Her and Jason are talking about Mike when Ezra sees them Together. When Mike gets Home Aria confronts Mike about what she finds. Aria wants to know what is going on with him stealing stuff and why. Aria was shocked to see that Mike had this in his Belongings.
Mike says He stole that because He thinks he can get some Money for selling it. He also said He found it in Garrett's Apartment but Aria doesn't believe it. Aria Soon believes him and Knows that The Girls shouldn't trust Garrett because He is Working with Jenna. It's about Time They find out about what is going on between them two. Aria Texted Spencer and rest of Girls to tell them NOT TO TRUST GARRETT.
Back to the Hockey Stick Spencer Dad is acting Funny about it and when Spencer tries to Talk to him about it He tells her not to worry about it and that Their Family didn't need anymore Drama in their life right now.
Spencer soon sees Her Dad about to Burn the Stick when She grabs it and Says It might be a murder weapon to Alison Death. When Fighting for the Stick Spencer Dad angrily Takes it away from her and Burns it in the Fireplace without knowing more Information on if That was the Murder Weapon or not. It seems the Girls will have to Work harder now to find out Who really Killed Alison and Who A is. So Here is the Questions I ask: Will the Girls find out what is going on Between Jenna and Garrett? Will Aria pick Jason over Ezra? What is going on between Spencer Dad and Alison Mom? Will Hanna Dad stay in Town and get Back together with Her Mom?

Alison Flashback:
Alison was in Hastings backyard with the Girls talking and While Spencer showed Ali how to do Field Hockey. The girls asked her Why she was so interested in Field Hockey but Alison didn't tell them why. Soon Jason showed up Saying Alison Mom was wanting her When Jason took The Hockey Stick from her and Alison was starting to get mad. Jason almost hit Ali with the Stick.

Favorite Quote:
"Hanna: Is this a Gay Thing? Emily: No it's a Brain Thing"

Favorite Hottie:
Ian is so sexy!! I just Love him in this Picture:)

Best Dressed:
I Love Spencer Dress! Usually I don't really like what she wears but this Dress is something I would wear. Her boots also goes Perfect with it. Her dress is from American Apparel. 

Couple Update:
Hanna and Caleb- Hanna is worried about Caleb still doing Dirty Deals. She is afraid he might get Caught. Caleb laters Opens up to her and telling her How it all Started. He never Told anyone before.
Aria and Ezra- Things will probably start to get Crazy between them two if Aria starts to see Jason more. Will Aria and Ezra take their Relationship Further?
Emily and Samara- Well we didn't see Samara in this Episode but I wonder How close will they get and If it will go further.
Spencer and Toby- Their Relationship seems to be Going Well but with Wren in town Could He get between them?

CES <3

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