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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Quick Update! And Computer Issues

Hey! So I just wanted to let ya'll know that right now I am having Computer Issues with My Computer. I am Using my Dads right now to Update ya'll. Hopefully it will be Fix This week so I can do The Blog Post that I been wanting to do. Also Yesterday was a Fun day I spent it with my Best Friend at The Bridge where the Fireworks were for our Town. I took Pictures and Videos of It. Today I took my Computer to Shop where they gonna fix it so Hopefully by end of this week I can have it back and it will be fix. Then I had a Therapist Appointment it last about 45 minutes. Today later on I have another Appointment but not for Therapist this one is a Check up I think.
Pretty Little Liars comes on Tonight!!!

Upcoming Post to look forward to this week:
1. June 2011 Faves
2. My 4th of July Events/Pictures and OOTD #5
3. Pretty Little Liars Blind Dates Recap

CES <3

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