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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pretty Little Liars "Never Letting Go" 07/19/2011

Hey! So Yes another PLL Recap, I just love doing these. So This Episode started off where the girls were in I think Emily or Spencer's room talking about the Fashion Show that's coming up. The Girls were also trying to figure out who killed Alison if Ian didn't do it. At Hanna House, Hanna is still angry at her Dad because she thinks He is still in Love with her Mom but he doesn't want to admit it. Hanna Dad though said He doesn't want to argue with her anymore, He doesn't wanna leave on Bad terms. The Girls soon get a Text from Alison Mom saying she wants to meet with them. The Girls are shocked and doesn't know why she wants to talk to them.
At Lunch Alison Mom talks to the Girls about the Fashion Show and wants the Girls to help out and be in the Show. Aria said she will take care of the Photos while Spencer will be in Charge of Running the Show. Ali Mom Gives them a Present with Dresses that Alison Picked out that Alison Mom would like them to wear in the Fashion Show. Which It brings back Memories of Alison trying on Dresses and Smiling at the Girls. Aria Decides to meet with Jason to show him Photo's that she would like to use in the Fashion Show also to see if he can Remember the night Alison went missing. Aria and Jason seem to be getting Closer and I have a feeling that Jason is Falling in Love with Her. What Does this mean for Aria and Ezra Relationship?
Anyways while Showing pictures to Jason and Asking him what he can remember Jason gets Upset with Aria and Walks off. He really doesn't like to talk about that Night because he really doesn't remember what Happen that night. At Spencer house Spencer overheard her Dad talking to someone on the Phone and she knew it was Alison's Mom. Her Dad said why is Jason back in Town and he Yells at her. When Spencer wants to talk to him about it He lies and says he was talking to someone who wanted him to donate to Charity. At Emily House, Emily was Trying on her Dress while Samara was helping her. It seems they are starting to get closer and you can tell Emily really is starting to have a lot of feelings for her. Later on that Day Emily and her Mom talks about Texas and How Emily Mom really misses Emily Dad. Emily Suggested that Emily Mom should go to Texas and Emily could meet up with them in the Summer. Emily Mom said that Emily talk to Hanna Mom and they are allowing her to stay with Hanna Family. How will Hanna and Emily get along now that Emily has to stay with her for a While?
At the Fashion show before it begin the Girls arrived early to get Ready and while Spencer arrived she found out that Mona is taking over the Show. Spencer was Mad and you can tell she wanted to just hurt Mona. But Who can Blame her? Mona is always a Controlling person. So Spencer had no Choice but to keep quiet and do What Mona said. Back where the Girls were getting ready at Samara showed up with a girl and Emily was getting Jealous by how close they were. Even the other Girls could tell that she was Upset. But Samara assured her that, that girl was just her Friend she knew for a while. Also When The Girls found out that Caleb showed up and they told Hanna she seemed like she wasn't worried about it. The Girls told her that Hanna should give Caleb another Chance which She should. Before the Show started Spencer saw her Dad arguing with Alison Mom over something. It really got Spencer thinking on What is going on between them two. What do You think it is?
Now Time to walk down the Runway Girls!!!

These are the Dresses that Alison Picked out a long time ago.

During the Fashion Noel Kahn was the DJ playing the Music while the Girls walked down the Runway. Why Would someone let Noel be a DJ? Anyways the Fashion show soon ended when Alison Picture showed on screen with Hateful words on Her Picture like Slut, Bitch, Etc... And with Red Lights all around. Everyone was Terrified and Alison Mom walked out of the Room. The Girls had no Idea what was Going on.

Aria soon found out that Noel was behind this. Jason saw Noel with Aria and Threatening her with a CD. Jason got in his face and took the CD from him and Broke it. I knew Noel was behind this something is not right about him. The Girls should watch their backs around Noel. Anyways after Alison Picture disappeared a Message came on the Screen that Said  " My Dresses, My Games, My Rules"-A Well A Sure knows how to Make something Good go Bad.

Alison Flashback:
I wanted to find a Picture with Alison in this Scene but Couldn't.
In this Scene was a Flash Back when Alison was in her room trying on Dresses and telling the Girls what they thought of how Alison looked in them. Alison Was Smiling and just having a good time and actually here Alison seemed really Sweet.

Favorite Quote:
"A Makes the Spotlight Extra Harsh"

Favorite Hottie:
Toby Looks Good in a Tux!!! :)

Best Dressed:
Samara Looks Amazing right here. Her dress is so pretty! I also Loved how Her hair Looks here. Her Style is really Girly and Every Episode she is in her Style keeps Amazing me.

Couple Update:

Hanna and Caleb: Hanna Doesn't know if she can trust him again but she has been getting closer again to Caleb. He even showed up at the Fashion Show and Offered to walk her home afterwards. He is Sweet :)
Aria and Ezra: They didn't show Ezra in this Episode I don't think but Aria seems to be getting Closer to Jason. Jason might even be Falling for her. How will this End?
Emily and Samara: They are getting closer together but Emily doesn't want to move to fast because she is afraid of getting hurt.
Spencer and Toby: They are so Cute together!! They seem to be doing really good so far and you can tell their relationship is getting stronger.

CES <3

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