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Monday, July 18, 2011

Pretty Little Liars "Devil You Know" 07/12/2011

Hey! This Episode is the 5th and was full of shock, Sadness and Drama. It starts off where the girls are at school sitting down talking about the Note that was by Ian when they found him. The girls wanna stop thinking about stuff and just live their life but Emily knows something doesn't feel right with the Note. Emily soon gets a text from A and it makes her try to put the pieces together. Emily starts looking at the Note more to see what she can find out.
Emily looked at her past messages and found out that A wrote the Note, she went to tell the girls what happen. At school is where we also met Caleb step mom and she is not so nice. She is keeping the money that she gets for Caleb and is not letting him have any of it. Hanna over heard and went to talk to her. She told her If Caleb doesn't get any of the Money she was gonna report her. Hanna sure knows what to say to make people do what she wants. Go Hanna!! At Hollis College Aria was in Ezra class when Jackie saw them together first she was spying then she went into the Class and Aria was not so Happy about that. Do you think Jackie will mess up their Relationship? At Spencer House their phone was ringing non stop with Reporters and Family Members. Melissa you can tell wasn't taking Ian death so well and Spencer knew.
Spencer told her parents that Ian needed a Official Funeral so Melissa can have closure. Spencer mom Finally agrees and talks to Spencer saying she is sorry for not believing her and that she couldn't believe she let a monster into her house. Maybe now Spencer and her Mom can Mend their Relationship. Well...Hopefully. Aria got a knock on her door from Jason! But only to found out that Mike was trying to break into his House. Well now we know what Mike been up to...well sorta. Also that Mike broke into Spencer house and Garage for Camping Supplies. Good Mike gone Bad? When Emily was out of her House she went to Post office for a Package when she Knew the guy working the counter only to found out it was Logan who they think was working for Ian.
The Funeral soon begin and Surprisingly a lot of people showed up. In the church Emily wanted to talk to Spencer but Spencer had shut her down. Emily decided to talk to the Cop but they don't know that he is with Jenna. When she told the Cop, He went to talk to Logan and gave him money to leave town. At the Funeral it was sad and the Music was so sad but it went perfect with the scene. When the ceremony was over Aria was mad when Ezra didn't introduce him self as her Boyfriend to her Parents. So will they ever take that next step? After talking to Ezra, Aria went to talk to Jason because she saw him sitting alone.
Aria asked him why would he come here and all he said was he needed closure. He also told her that around when Alison died he doesn't remember much and He thought he killed Ali because when he woke up the next morning after Alison disappeared he had a note in his pocket that said "I know what You did" So did He Kill Alison? I don't think He did but that's just me. Also Do you think that Jason is Falling for Aria???!!!!
After the Funeral was over Spencer was in her Room looking up Engagement Rings!! When A texted her to tell Melissa the truth if not A will step in and make things worse which A always does. When Spencer was talking to Melissa, Ian phone rang and Melissa was shocked to see Spencer having his Phone. Spencer didn't even know she Had it. Melissa told Spencer she will never forgive her for Acting like she was Ian and to text her. Uh Oh A strikes again to mess things up with the Girls.
At Hanna house Caleb came over to check on Hanna and to say he got Money from his Step Mom. So I guess what Hanna said had worked, Hanna you Go Girl!! Anyways before he Left Hanna Gave him a Kiss!!! I hope this means that they are back together. When the girls got together they got a Text to go to the Cemetery. All of the Sudden a Video came on with Alison and Ian. Come to find out Ian did not kill Alison!! Then if He didn't then who did???

Favorite Quote:
"Whatever A gives Bitch takes Back"-Spencer

Favorite Hottie:
 Oh How I love Caleb!!!!

Best Dressed:
Hanna thought she could wear this to the Funeral. But I have to say I always have Loved Hanna Style, This Red Dress Is Amazing. 

Couple Update:

Hanna and Caleb: Hanna Kissed Caleb!! I hope this means that they are getting back together!
Emily and Samara: Will Emily date Samara? Will they go to the next Level?
Aria and Ezra: Well Ezra haven't yet told anyone that He is dating Aria Will he Ever? I think Jason is falling for Aria so Love Triangle will probably begin.
Spencer and Toby: Again no Toby in this Episode :(

CES <3

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