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Monday, January 5, 2015

The "Me Time" Tag 2015

Hey Everyone! Today I am doing a tag that has been going around YouTube which is where I find all the tags that I want to do.

1. What do You Watch or Read during Me Time? - I usually will watch YouTube Videos or TV Shows. I was reading The Host but it's dragging it's a very slow book so I switched to reading Vampire Academy Book #3.

2. What Do You Wear during Me Time? - I mostly wear pajamas or whatever is comfortable to me.

3. What Are Your Favorite Me Time Beauty Products?

4. What's Your Favorite Nail Polish? - This is the current nail polish I am wearing. It's By OPI in California Raspberry I think....

5. What Do You Eat or Drink during Me Time? - I don't drink anything special during me time or eat any desert. I will show you my favorite mug right now that I been loving.

6. What Is Your Current Favorite Candle? - I don't burn a lot of candle but I do sometimes use my owl candle wax burner.

7. Do You Ever have Outdoor Me Time? - I am not really a outdoor person except for taking Chloe outside to play.

8. Would You Ever Go See a Movie Alone? - Yes I would love to if I ever could.

9. Favorite Online Shop? - Delias.Com

CES <3

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