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Friday, September 12, 2014

Pretty Little Liars #6 Killer Book Review

Hey everyone!
Today I have a book review for Pretty Little Liars #6 book called Killer. It took me about a month to finish it because I really only read on the days that Chloe is with her dad.

Summary: The girls were at the Charity event at Spencer house I think when they see Ian dead in the woods that is behind Spencer house. The police didn't believe them and people were starting to suspect that the police were covering something up. Wilden was acting weird throughout the whole book. Of course A is back and A has been sending pictures of Alison to the girls so they can figure out what doesn't belong in the pictures. It even showed Wilden going to church to probably confess his sins. Hanna and Kate have to be together at all times so that Hanna can become friends with Kate. In the process Hanna starts to date Mike but is not so happy when Mike goes on dates with Kate as well. Eventually Hanna wins over Mike and they start to date. So the girls don't know whether Ian is dead or alive until Ian sends Melissa a IM message and Spencer sees it. Ian is alive and hiding. So Aria starts to have feelings for Jason and they start to hang out. It's going good till Aria shows him a invitation of a institution being turned into a hotel which used to be called Radley. Anyways Jason gets super angry at Aria but Aria finds out that Wilden and Jason know each other because she saw his yearbook from High School. Now Emily is dating Issac which his mother hates Emily and at first Issac didn't believe Emily until he found a picture of him and Emily but Emily head was cut out of the picture. Spencer is having trouble with her family because they take away her car and money. Spencer and Andrew do some research and find out that Spencer might be adopted. Spencer finds a site where they found her real mom and Spencer meets her in New York. Spencer and her real mom hit it off and have a real connection.... Spencer wants to move to New York but Andrew doesn't think it's a good idea and gets upset with her. Spencer gives money to a agent to buy a apartment in New York but Spencer find out that her so called real mom and the agent con her out of all her money. Spencer is upset because she thought she finally found someone who actually loved her and wanted to be a family with her. Anyways the girls go to a Party at the new Radley Hotel..... Emily finds a register book in one of the rooms and finds out it was everyone who visited the Radley institution for the mentally insane. Emily finds Jason name on the list. So Jason visited a mental institution?!? Anyways the girls find out that Aria kept Alison flag that was stolen back in Middle School and they go get Aria to get the flag to see it while the girls go check on Spencer because she didn't show up and they got a text from A. Hanna and Emily go check on Spencer when the barn catches on fire!!! The girls got out okay and Aria catches up with them in the woods. At the end the girls see someone on the ground sitting down with her hands in her face and they are shocked at what they see.... The girl has blonde hair. The girls think it's Alison but they are not sure if they are hallucinating because of the smoke they are smelling. 

My Thoughts: So everyone knows that the book and show are totally different so it does take me some time to get used to the books since I am a big fan of the show. I think in next book is where the girls will meet Alison twin which I am very interested in seeing how that plays out and how the girls will react to her. 

* The book I am currently reading is Maze Runner which I will be doing a book review on that very soon!*

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