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Saturday, September 20, 2014

My Week In Pictures: September 8-14 2014

Hey Everyone here is my week for September 8-14 in pictures.....

Monday Sept. 8:
She is such a diva.

We been adding taking a walk to her bed time routine and it seems to help calm her and get her ready for bed. Only thing is though I need to take her out earlier because it is getting dark early now here.

Watching Under The Dome!

Tuesday Sept. 9:
She took a picture of her self. She loves taking pictures....

This time it was getting dark so fast!

She is very smart she can flip to different pictures and turn on the videos on my phone.

Wednesday Sept. 10:
Chloe lunch today she had beans and weenies with mix veggies and bread with water.

My lunch I had Cheddar and Broccoli pasta with toast with tropical punch drink.

 Chloe favorite snack is raisins.

Thursday Sept. 11:
Waiting for Chloe 18 month check up.

Each doctor room has a different cartoon/disney theme. Cat in the Hat.

Waiting for the doctor to come in so she had her raisins.

Friday Sept. 12:
She was not happy on our walk.....

We got to see the cows on our walk!

Brushing her teeth all by her self.

Saturday Sept. 13:
She wanted to sit at the table.

She loves her baby dolls.....

Sunday Sept. 14:
Chloe took a picture of her self again.

CES <3

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