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Friday, November 4, 2011

A Book Review on Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman

Hey! So this was the First book that I started to read on my Kindle. If you would like a Review on the Kindle I use I can make sure I make one!
Anyways it has 286 Pages and I am not exactly sure on how many Chapters though.
As you can see this book was written by Alice Hoffman. This is my First book review done by this Author.

I really wanted to read this book because I saw the Movie based on this book. It has Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock in it. The Movie is really good!
So I thought I would pick up the Book and see how it is with the Movie and if I would like it the same.

On My Kindle it took me about almost a Month to finish but thats because I have school and work. Anyways first I will go ahead and do my opinion about the book before I go into the Summary of what the book is actually about.

My Opinion:
So When I first started to read the book I was really liking it. It first starts out just giving u info about the Sisters and How the Curse on them Begin. Throughout the Book it talks about how the Sisters hated each other and how guys threw themselves at them. I didn't really like the Language in there because they used a lot of the word F***. I just didn't like how they used that word in the book. The book though I did like how detailed it was about everything. I could tell though that the Movie didn't follow the book really well. Throughout this book I kinda went back and forth if I loved this Book or not. I was wishing they talked about Magic more.
Rate: 1-10 I am giving this book a 6


This book is about the Owens Girls who are Cursed when it comes to love. When they get too close to a Guy the Guy dies. They are stuck with this Curse until one of the Sisters can break the Curse. The two main Sisters they talk about in this book is Gillian and Sally. Gillian is more of a Wild Child who likes to Party, Sleep with guys, and Pretty much do what she wants to do. Gillian and Sally end up living with their Aunts because Their Mom and Dad died. Gillian decides she has had enough with living with the Aunts and decides to run off with a Guy. Gillian gets married so many times but realizes she has made a Mistake. Her Last Mistake was a guy name Jimmy who is trouble with the Law and doesn't tell Gillian much about it. Jimmy ends up dead with Gillian uses to much of this Potion to get him to sleep for a little bit but instead it ends up killing him. Gillian freaks out and Takes him to Sally. Sally is more of a Conserved person who listens to what she has to do and she is always cooking and cleaning. Sally marry's her first husband and she has two children with him that she loves with all her heart. When her Husband dies, Sally takes her two Girls and Drives to live far away from the Aunts as she can get. Sally life seems to be going well until Gillian shows up with a Dead guy in her car. Sally wants nothing to do with Gillian but she reluctantly helps Gillian by burying Jimmy in Sally's backyard. Gillian stay's with her Sister and has started to fall in love with a Guy thats amazing and nothing like guys she had dated before but she doesn't want to get close because of what Had happen with Jimmy. Things seem to go slow until a Inspector name Gary shows up asking questions about Jimmy to both of the Girls. Gillian wants Sally to lie but Sally has a feeling that she can't lie to him. When Sally lies to him, Gary knows that the Girls are lieing to him. He tells them not to leave town. Gary starts to Fall for Sally and Sally knows that she is falling for him too. At end Gary drops the Case and Gillian marry's the Guy that is nothing like the other guys in the Past. Sally gets together with Gary.

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*Hope you enjoyed this Book Review and down below let me know if you have read this book and if you would like a Review on the Kindle that I got.*

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