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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special "First Secret" Recap

Hey! So I was really excited about this Episode just because we got to see more of Alison and how she treated the girls. We also got to see how some of the Girls first got their Secrets or their First Lie.
So wondered what the Girls dressed up as for Halloween?
Emily: Indian Girl or Pocahontas
Hanna: Brittaney Spears
Aria: A Witch
Spencer: Mary Queen of Scots

If I had to choose which one was my favorite I would have to say Emily just because I loved her Costume and the way she looks in it.

Now it Starts off with Alison telling a Scary Story to a Boy that Hanna was Babysitting. She told a Story about two twin Sisters that were playing with dolls and getting along. Until There was this one doll they started to fight over the one girl grab a Knife and put it into her Sister stomach as a Sweet smile came across her face as her Parents watch their child blood go everywhere.
So at School there was a Rumor going around that Emily slept with Noel Khan. The Girls asked her if it was true and Emily didn't deny it. Later on while walking with Alison, Emily told Alison that she didn't lose her V card to Noel. Alison said that she just can't figure Emily out.
Also at School we see Mona and Lucas get Bullied by Alison. As Usual...
While Alison and Aria were walking home, Aria saw her Dad kissing a Student from his College Class! This is when we first see how Aria Dad cheated and How he got Aria to lie for him.
Aria said she will never forgive her Dad for doing this to their Family.
Also Alison fixed the Ballot at School so that Spencer can win Class President.

Alison Was the First One out of The Girls to get a Text From A!!!!!

So When the Girls were walking home, Noel drove up next to them and Invited them to his Halloween Party. The Girls were all excited to finally go to Noel Party.
As you can tell the Girls were all having fun at the Party except for Aria who was still Depressed at her Dad. Aria told the Girls that she wasn't going to go to the Party but Alison threaten to tell the Girls and her Mom about Aria Dad Cheating. Alison do you always think you can get your way?
So We now got to see how Alison and Jenna First met. Alison was in a Halloween Store getting stuff for her Costume when She seen a Girl getting the Same Costume as her. Jenna said she was new in town and that she got invited to Noel Party. Alison said she was going too but as Lady Gaga and that Jenna couldn't go as that.
Well when Jenna showed up at the Party, Alison saw that Jenna was dressed as Lady Gaga too! Uh Oh Jenna and Alison show down could be Interesting. Anyways Alison said that she would let Jenna join her Group but Jenna said "Thanks but I like to Pick my Own Friends." Go Jenna!! I am sorry but someone needs to stand up to Alison. I don't like Jenna now but I like her back when Alison was still around. So out on the  dance floor, Emily was dancing with a Guy when she Notice Jenna dancing and you can tell that Emily was checking Jenna out and Alison seen Emily do that and Decided to say something to Emily. As Usual Alison always has something to say to Emily or the rest of the Girls.
Alison said to Emily "Don't you wish you can taste her Cherry Chapstick? Don't worry Em, Your secret is Safe with me." Emily just shook off what Alison said and Kept on dancing with the Guy.
So At the End the Girls were looking for Alison and didn't see her no where in Sight. The Girls finally got a text from Alison saying that she is in trouble and to meet her at the Abandon House. When the Girls got there they walked all over the House and calling Alison name. They finally decided to Check up stairs for Alison when Alison pulled the Girls in a Room saying that someone was trying to Kill her. The Girls were trying to Call 911 but their Phone wasn't getting a Signal. Alison left the Room to get a Signal when Alison got Attack by a Mask Person in a Costume.
Alison tried her Best to Fight off the Mask Figure. She almost got stab a few times but they Missed. When she finally could get away she ran off. The Girls were trying to Save Alison but the Door was lock and they couldn't get out so they went out a Window and went back inside the house to try and Find Alison. They looked all around but didn't find Alison in Sight.

When they Finally saw Alison, Alison laughed and told the Girls that it was just a Joke and that Noel was in the Mask. The Girls were upset with Alison and didn't want to believe what had just happen wasn't real. Alison told the Girls "I know now that You will come to my Rescue and that I can count on ya'll to be here for me when I need ya'll."
At the End we found out that Noel wasn't the One in the Mask at the Abandon House and Alison now has no Clue who she was fighting off in the House. So now it leaves us with wanting to know more about Alison and How A had a Important role in Alison life before she died. I wonder if A did kill Alison.

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