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Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Stress and How I Relieve Stress....

Hey! So lately I been so stressed out about everything. I have work, school and my Health to worry about and I have no personal time for my self anymore. My mind is always wondering and I don't know how to make it relax and to just calm down. I haven't even gotten around to the recap on my shows that I been wanting to do, I am so far behind. I hate being stressed out because it's not good on my Health but what can I do.
   Work has been driving me crazy. As of right now I only work 4 days out of the week. Just to let ya'll know I work at a Grocery Store called HEB it's only in Texas. Its a great store to work at don't get me wrong but It just  tires me out where when I get home i don't wanna do anything else.
School has been okay but I been missing days because of my Health which makes me farther behind in my      Classes and now I am trying to catch up on notes that I missed for that class. I am though proud that I have 11 hours of Lab done out of 32 needed. I am glad that I will be done with those quickly unlike last semester.
My Health I know now that I have a Chronic Inflamed Bladder. I had this for almost a Year now. Right now I been feeling bad because I am not yet on the Medicine I need, I have to wait till it comes in for me which I hope soon because I really need it. When I do get the medicine I have to take it 3 times a day if I can remember to but when I am stressed out it is hard for me to remember to take them.
Oh Plus I really don't have a Personal life. I don't go out with my Friends anymore because we all are busy with work and school plus I am single again which I am now used to rejection from a Guy. I rather be by myself anyways, I kinda like it that way. But still I want a guy that would Care for me and be there for me.
Anyways guess I am done with this.

Suggestions to relieve Stress:
1. Listen to Music
2. Write
3. Yoga
4. Exercise
5. Watch Movies or TV

CES <3


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