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Thursday, October 6, 2011

What Magazines I Love+Subscriptions!

Hey! So I know I been busy and I haven't been posting but I thought I would share what Magazines I been Loving lately. So If I wanna get Inspired for Makeup or Fashion I turn to Magazines to see what is in right now and see how I can put my own twist to it.
So Seventeen magazine is one of my Favorites to read and Plus I have a Subscription with them! I am 19 but hey I still Love reading about their Fashion, Makeup and other things:) It's a Really great Magazine with a lot of Ideas to get for Makeup and Fashion.

Yes I read Allure too! I also have a two year Subscription with them. I Love reading about What Makeup and Fashion is in right now and How they sometimes do DIY styles too. I'm always trying to find cheap ways to make Clothes look Amazing. I also like reading about The Stars that Pose for the Cover and see what they been up to. Just Interesting to me lol.

Glamour I think is my Favorite to read! It's also another one of my Subscriptions! I love how it shares how to Change up your look, Makeup ideas, Fashion, Best fit for your Body, and How to not look tired! I love reading what I can do to look different quick and fast in the Morning expecially when i am not a Morning person. I Also Love their Covers! This Cover with Taylor Swift is my Favorite!!

*So What is Your favorite Magazines to Read?*

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  1. I also have a subricribition like you to both seventeen and allure love them!

  2. My favourites are seventeen, glamour and teen vogue!