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Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Secret Circle Catch Up Recap Season 1 Episodes 2-5

Hey! so as Promised here is me gonna Catch ya'll up on Secret Circle. And This show has been so Good!! but I am sad... Ya'll will know when I talk about it later in this Post. I am Also probably gonna do a Lying Game Catch Up Recap. I will only do Catch Up Recaps if I haven't been posting recaps about the show in a decent amount of time.
Let's Begin....

Bound Episode 2: 
Cassie tries to distant her self from the Circle and she makes friends with Sally. Diana pushes everyone to bind the Circle but Faye puts up a Fight. Faye doesn't want to share. Melissa flirts with Nick even though Faye warned her about him. Adam fights his growing affection and Love for Cassie while not getting Diana upset. At the End the Circle is finally bonded together.

Loner Episode 3:
A Hottie named Luke asks Cassie to the School Dance and After watching Adam spend time With Diana she Accepts. Jealously? Well I think Cassie should be with Adam. Anyways Melissa sees the Dance as that she can get closer to Nick. Faye doesn't really wanna go she just wanna focus on her Powers. Cassie meets a Creepy man from her Mothers past name Zack, and He is in town asking questions about Cassie and trying to stop the Circle. Dawn(Faye Mom) asks Charles to keep a eye on him. But Zack ends up at School and tries to hurt Cassie but the Gang helps stop him and he ends up dead.

Heather Episode 4:
Cassie discovers that her old friend of her mothers named Heather has been having a Demon trap inside her for over 16yrs. Cassie feeling Guilty that her Mother might have something to do with this, Cassie wants to help Heather. Cassie asks for Diana help but Diana refuses because she said it's to risky to do right now. But Faye decides she wants to help and in return Faye wants to see Cassie family Book of Shadows. When Cassie and Faye do the Spell it only makes things worse and Heather is out to get Cassie. When Heather dies the Demon goes find and makes it way into Melissa Body.

Slither Episode 5:
Cassie is Torn between the Secret Circle and her Family. She doesn't want to Lie to her Grandmother anymore. Nick is Confused when Melissa has a new Attitude and is acting different. Melissa has the Demon inside of her now and she is really not her self. Melissa gets Nick to help find her Family book of Shadows but really isn't looking for that. They actually find a Suitcase with more Demon Snakes in it. Faye doesn't like how she is being treated as the Third Wheel. Diana and Adam get some alone time and things get Hotter when they head back to the Bedroom. But They are cut off short when they get a Call from Cassie saying the Group is in trouble. Dawn joins Charles on a Boat to further their Plans for the Circle. Cassie decides in order to save Melissa she is gonna have to tell her Grandma the truth. Cassie races home and Tells her Grandma that she knows about who she really is. Cassie Grandma helps get the Demon out of Melissa but it instead travel into Nick Body. Charles and Dawn meets up with Nick and they Drown Nick to get the Demon to die but Nick Dies instead. This Episode made me sad that Nick had to die. He was Cute!!

It is Sad that he had to Die. Now the Circle is only 5, How will they survive and get along without him? Poor Melissa she really did love Nick.

So I am really starting to like Secret Circle!

CES <3


  1. Hmm sounds interesting, dont think its interesting enough to actually watch the show but i enjoy the recaps.


  2. Thanks girl! It will get better I think with more Episodes.