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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Must See Show: Once Upon A Time!

Hey! I really been loving this show called Once Upon A Time, It's on every Sunday on Channel ABC. It's all about all the Fairy tale Characters and how the Evil Queen had cast a Spell on them to made them forget who they are. I am actually watching it right now as I type this. I just love how detailed it is and it shows how each Character became who they were. This was in my November Favorite's.
  I am really a big fan of Fairy tales, Magic and Fantasy's.

I heard that it is only getting 12 episodes till they see how the ratings are, I really hope this show goes well!

The show takes place with Emma Swan, She is the Daughter of Snow white and Prince Charming, but she doesn't know. She has a son but puts him up for adoption but on her 28th birthday he shows up at her front door. Her son now lives with the Mayor who is actually the Evil Queen. Henry is trying to get Emma to help the People of Storybrooke remember that they are actually Fairy Tale Characters. The Evil Queen is out to make sure they don't do it.

Emma Swan/Jennifer Morrison
Brave, Protective, and Key to breaking the Evil Queen Spell.

Is the Daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming.

I Think Jennifer plays the part of Emma Swan very Well. She shows that Emma can be Guarded and held back of her Emotions but we all see her Brave and Protects who she loves.

Evil Queen/Lana Parrilla
The Evil Queen who cast the Spell on the Fairy Tale Characters to made them forget who they are.

Has No Soul No Compassion....

Snow White took everything from her and Ruined her Life.

The Mayor of Storybrooke.

Emma Swan son Henry lives with her.

Snow White/Ginnfer Goodwin

She had ruin the Evil Queen life and is now number 1 target.

She fell in love with Prince Charming and had a Daughter(Emma Swan)

Mary Margret is a Teacher of Storybrooke.

Has compassion for others.

Took Emma Swan in when no one else would.

Doesn't know that Emma is her daughter.

Prince Charming/Josh Dallas
Once was a Farmer, now is called Prince Charming.

He fell in love with Snow White. Father of Emma Swan.

In Storybrooke he doesn't know who he is and he awakes out of a Coma.

Henry/Jarod Gilmore
Is son of Emma Swan.

He knows that everyone in Storybrooke are Fairy Tale Characters and wants to stop the curse and make everyone believe again.

No one believes him so he has his own plans of breaking the Curse.

*Hope you will Watch this Show, It's Amazing!!*

CES <3

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