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Friday, December 9, 2011

You know You want to know more about Me Tag!!

Hey! so I have done Tags in a while and thought I would do some. I got this from Arianne Cruz. So Here is this One:

1. The things you can't leave the house without?
- I would have to say with clothes on first duhh lol and probably my purse. Plus making sure I look somewhat decent lol

2. Favorite Brand of Makeup?
- Covergirl, Wet n Wild, ELF

3. Favorite Flower?
- Yellow Roses

4. Favorite Clothing Store?
- I would have to say I get most of my clothes from Walmart

5. Favorite Perfume?
- I don't have one just yet but will let ya'll know when I do!

6. Heels or Flats?
- I live in Flats!! love them and they are so comfortable.

7. Do you make good grades?
- Yea I really try to. my grades usually stay in between c and b's which I can't complain.

8. Favorite Color?
- All About Yellow!!!

9. Do you like Energy Drinks?
- No I hate them

10. Do you drink Juice?
- I drink Orange Juice

11. Do you like Swimming?
- I can't swim and sometimes I feel like when I get into water I wanna have a Panic Attack

12. Do you eat fries with a Fork?
- Hahaha No

13. Favorite moisturizer?
- I don't really have one that is my fave

14. Do you want to get Married later on in Life?
- Yes I would love to.

15. Do you get Mad easily?
- It just depends on what makes me mad

16. Are you into Ghost hunting?
- Um NO

17. Any Phobias?
- Fear of Water, Fear of Heights, Fear of Death, Fear of being in tight places.

18. Do you Bite your Nails?
- Yes I do and I know it's a bad Habit. I did this ever since I was little and I can't stop. one time I stop for about almost a year.

19. Have you ever had a Near death experience?
- Well I died for about 2 minutes when I was Baby. Then they brought me back to life.

20. Do you drink Coffee?
- No I hate the Smell and I can't have it because of my Bladder.

*Hope you enjoy this!!*

CES <3

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