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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pretty Little Liars "Over My Dead Body" Summer Finale 08/30/2011

Hey! so I am sad that Pretty Little Liars is going on a Hiatus for a while but Some awesome shows will keep me busy till this comes back on. Which I will talk about them at end of this post and the upcoming post you will see from me. So lets get started!! So at the Beginning the Girls are in Jail wearing Dresses and are covered in dirt. The Cops think they are guilty of Killing Alison. They were found with the Murder Weapon. So lets go back a Day before they ended up in Jail to see how they got there.
 So the Girls are worried about Dr.Sullivan and Went to check her house to see if she was Home but she wasn't. They even kept getting her Voicemail. The girls have no idea where she could be and what A did with her. At Spencer house Toby and Spencer were in her room just talking when Toby brought up Spencer Dad and ask what she knew but she lied and said that her Dad told her to mind her own Business. Should Spencer tell Toby the Truth? Well Guess who is back in Rosewood? Caleb is back and just in time to escort Hanna to her Dad's Wedding. Hopefully he is back for good this time because I know Hanna loves him but so do I!! So Ezra is in His Office when guess who shows up, Yes Your Right, Jackie. I don't like her at all!! Anyways she is Flirting with Ezra when Aria sees them and is listening in on their Conversation. So Back at Spencer House the Girls show up to see a Big box that says...
The girls are scared to open it because they have no idea what could be in there. Hanna thought it was her Ear lol. When they Opened it there was a note that said "You have until 7pm to save her these are My Demands". Well we all know who that came from. They each got Dolls with different Demands. Aria- Make Jackie go away, With hers she also found out with papers that Jackie Plagiarized someone elses work as her own. Hanna- Stop the Wedding. Spencer- Keep Toby Safe and Emily-I'm Taking you to her, Go Alone. So these Girls had no choice but to follow A demands. So with their Demands the Girls had to act fast if they wanna save Dr.Sullivan.
With Aria Demands she had to go talk to Jackie. When she showed up in Jackie Office and Showed Jackie the two Papers Jackie was scared. Aria didn't wanna do this because she knew if she did she would probably lose Ezra. Time was going fast so she told Jackie that she should leave Hollis. But Jackie wasn't leaving without a fight and She threatened Aria that she would get Ezra back. Jackie also said that them two was just alike but I don't see it. Next was Spencer Demand to keep Toby safe and Spencer knew exactly what she had to do. Spencer and Toby were in his truck and Toby was getting worried because Spencer didn't say anything to him. Finally Spencer told him that she lied to him and that he needed to be with someone who he can Trust. Why A must you Break them up!!! After she did that she Ran off crying and upset about what she just did when Wren seen her crying and took her home. When Spencer was finally in her Dress, Wren told her that he wanted to Kiss her and He did! Is Spencer going to go back to Wren??
So Emily was heading to the Wedding when Her GPS told her to go somewhere else. Well she finally got her Doll and it said to Follow the GPS to get to Doctor Sullivan. Emily arrived at a Barn with no sight of Doctor Sullivan. She looks around and Decides to go look into the barn and when she does she finds Doctor Sullivan's Car. All of the Sudden the Door shuts and Emily is trapped in the Barn with Gas leaking. With the Gas in the Air, Emily passes out. While Emily is in the Barn the other girls are at Hanna Dad Wedding. Hanna knew what she had to do and she had to do it quickly. While the Priest were talking Hanna stop the Wedding to Speak to Isabel alone. When she got her alone Hanna told Isabel that Hanna Dad slept with her Mom! While she was saying this her Dad overheard the whole Conversation. Well No Wedding I guess for now.
So While Emily was Passed out Either she had a Dream or she was actually wake but she sees Alison! Alison tells Emily to just relax and Emily asked if Alison knew who A was and Alison said that she did. But Alison said that she couldn't tell her but said"Two can keep a Secret if One of them is Dead". Before Alison leaves she tells Emily, That she Misses Emily the most and Gives Emily a Kiss. When Emily is Waken by the Girls by her side Emily tells the Girls that she seen Alison. When They get Emily to stand up they Notice a Shovel with the Coordinates to where they should dig and they think that Doctor Sullivan was Buried Alive!
When they Start Digging they Realize that Doctor Sullivan isn't in there and they look up to see Cops were closing in on them. A had set them up!!! Now the Girls are in jail and Officer Wilden is back to Question them and Know they are Guilty. The Girls are Charged with Alison Murder! What the H*** Are You Serious you know Garrett was up to making sure the Girls were found Guilty. So The girls are sitting in a Holding Place while their Parents are outside the Room scared to know what will happen to their girls. Well Guess who also shows up? Jason and Ezra! Jason talks to Spencer Dad saying his Sister would have wanted him here. So is Spencer and Jason Related??? So Ezra shows up and Ella talks to him. He tells her that he is in Love but when She mentions Spencer he doesn't tell her that it's her Daughter Aria that he is in Love with. Why Ezra did you not tell her the Truth!!!! Anyways come to find out Garret and Jenna were the Ones who wrote that note to Jason! I knew that Jason wasn't as Bad as everyone thought he was. Am I right? At the End it shows that Doctor Sullivan is Alive but it looks like she got paid from A. So was she Working for A?? I don't get the Last Scene so Someone Please Tell Me what You Thought!!!!!!!
"Look Innocent but Found Guilty of a Charge You Didn't Do"

A's Message:
"She Still Alive" and "She about to Run out of Air"-A

Favorite Quote:
"I'm Picturing a Newborn with a Six Pack"-Spencer
"That is a very Pretty Dress but You should know it gives You back Fat"-Caleb

Favorite Hottie:
He looks So Good here:) plus I'm Glad he is Back!!

Best Dressed:
Loves Her Dress!! It's was one of my Favorites from This Episode. <3

Couple Update:
Hanna and Caleb- He is Back in Town!! So Happy plus Hanna is excited to see him again even when Drama is Happening all around her.
Aria and Ezra- Well Aria had to tell Jackie to stay away from Ezra but Jackie Threatened her saying she will get Ezra back. So Whats next? War for Ezra Heart.
Emily and ?- So Is Emily and Maya back together? I'm not sure right now but something tells me that Maya is not telling Emily Everything.
Spencer and Toby- Spencer Broke up with Toby to keep him Safe :( Plus Wren Kissed her! So What is gonna happen next?

*So I am sad to see this Ending for now But A Special Halloween Episode will Air Oct. 19. It will show some detail on how the Girls met Alison and How Alison might have Died. Also The shows that I will Recap on to take PLL place will be Vampire Diaries, Maybe Glee and Once Upon a Time!
Next Upcoming Posts will be Revlon Grow Lustrous Mascara Review, Walmart and Dollar Tree Haul, My Hair Care Products and More!*

CES <3


  1. Caleb <3
    I am rooting for toby instead of wren!


  2. Me Too! I Love Spencer and Toby, Hanna and Caleb, Emily and Samara, Aria and Ezra..Well Maybe Jason lol