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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pretty Little Liars Book Review on 4th Book of Series "Unbelievable"

Hey! Yes I know this is Late I just been having a lot going on that I haven't been having time to read till now. So I finished the Book today and it was Awesome! I love the Pretty Little Liars Series of Books and of course the show.
So you should know already that the Author of this Series is by Sara Shepard who also is writing The Lying Game books too. This was Published in 2008 I think.
So The Liars life's are about to get even worse when A comes after them with everything A has in store for them.
Back of Book Description: Emily has been Shipped off to Iowa to live with her Cousins. Aria boyfriend Ezra is behind Bars-because of her. Spencer's afraid she was Involved in Alison Murder. But Hanna's fate is far Worse: She is clinging on to Life in the Hospital because She Knew Too Much. If the Girls don't start listening, Hanna is gonna look like the Lucky One-A
So In this Book it answer's pretty much all the things the Last books didn't answer for us. In this Book we learn about Is Hanna gonna Survive, Is Emily gonna Stay in Iowa forever, Will Aria and Ezra find a way to make it work, Is Spencer Linked to Alison Death, and Lastly Who is A.
This Book has a Total of 42 Chapters and 335 Pages.

*Next Are Spoilers so If you haven't read this Book yet then Skip this Part*

Don't Believe Everything You Hear........

So The Last 3 books have kept me on the edge without knowing who is A. When this book finally reveals who A is I was shocked but Knew that it would be this person. It Starts off with Hanna in the Hospital because at end of Third book Hanna got hit by a Car by A because Hanna knew who A was. All the Girls are worried that Hanna might not make it. When Hanna wakes up she can not remember anything that Happen at Mona Party, Hooking up with Lucas and Most Important she can't remember who is A. Hanna stays in the Hospital for a couple of weeks to Recover as Her Family is worried about her as well as her Friends. So when we last heard of Emily she was being Shipped off to live with Her Aunt and Uncle in Iowa. Emily is Angry at her Family for not accepting Who she really is and when She gets to Iowa she is not liking her Strict Aunt and Uncle. When night time Hits her Cousins go out to Party and bring Emily along, Emily meets someone new that makes her Feel like everything could be okay. This Girl that Emily likes is outgoing but carefree, Although this Girl likes to jump any Guy or Girl in her Sight. When They get home from the Party her Aunt and Uncles know they Skipped out at night. Emily cousins though Blame the Whole thing on Emily and Emily runs away from the Farm. When Emily sees her self on TV as a runaway she knows her Family made a Mistake and she goes home. Her Family is getting used to the Fact that Emily likes Girls and Even Invites Maya over to the House. Emily though thinks Maya is A and has her Doubts, This causes Maya to Push farther away from Emily. Now Aria is sent to live with her Dad and Meredith because Aria Mom, Ella, Has pushed Aria away because Aria Lied to Ella not telling her that Her Dad had an affair. Aria doesn't like Meredith and wants nothing to do with her. Aria tries to Push Meredith away from her Dad by Finding something horrible wrong with her but Aria doesn't. Now with Situation of Ezra out of Jail now it doesn't really talk much in this Book if Aria and Ezra are back together or not. But Important to know is that Aria told Mike about A and Mike made Aria tell the Cops about A too. Now Spencer we know has Cheated on her Essay by Using Melissa and is now forced by her Parents to Compete in winning the Golden O. Which is the Best Award to Win. Spencer has to go through Interviews and Make sure she knows Melissa Essay by Heart. Well when Melissa finds out by A that Spencer has Cheated, Spencer and Melissa get into a fight. Spencer goes sees a Therapist which Opens Spencer mind about the Night Alison went Missing. That night Spencer and Alison argued over Ian and Spencer got angry and Pushed Alison. Spencer heard a Crack and now Spencer thinks she might have Killed Alison. Spencer and Melissa were forced to go back to their old Beach House to make up and they do. But When it's time for Spencer Interview, Melissa finds out that Ian was in Spencer Room and Spencer lied about it. Now when Hanna is out of Hospital, Mona and Spencer decided to throw Hanna a Welcome back Party. The Whole Town is invited. Well the Girls find out that Mona has been also receiving Texts from A. Mona with spending time with Spencer, they are brought together and have a closer Friendship. At the Party, the Girls get a Message from Spencer saying the Killer and A is here to get them. The Girls are worried so Mona takes Spencer to the Police Station because Spencer thinks Melissa killed Alison because Melissa found out that Ian and Alison were together. When Emily, Aria and Hanna are together a Song Sparks a Memory of the Night at Mona Party and what Hanna remembers. Hanna warns the girls that Mona is A!!!! The girls text Spencer telling her to get out now because Mona is A. When Mona finds out, Mona takes Spencer to Falling Man's Quarry. Mona wraps her hands around Spencer neck trying to Choke her. The girls go tell Officer Wilden that Mona is A and they rush over to where they were found. Spencer fights off Mona and Mona falls Off the Edge and breaks Her neck. When the Girls arrived they are all Shock by what just Happened. Hanna can't believe that her best Friend Mona would do this to them. When the Police find Mona, She is Dead. Mona come to find out had Alison Diary and thats how she knew all of the Girls secrets. Even the girls discovered that Mona was friends with Jenna and that Jenna and Alison set the whole night up of Framing Toby as blinding Jenna. The Girls have no Idea what they should believe now. So When they Find the Diary it also shows that Alison gave Ian a proposal which Mona said Ian had killed Alison. So the Cops show up at Spencer house and Ian is arrested for Killing Alison. At the Last the Girls are at court waiting to hear if Ian is Guilty and if he will be sent to Jail.

My Thoughts:
I think Sara Shepard did an Amazing Job with Unbelievable. She kept us wanting to know who is A and now in this Book we find out that Mona is A. I love how this book has Drama, Romance, and most of all Mystery. Now I really understand each of the Girls character.
I wonder now though what will Happen in the 5th book and If a new A will come to threaten the Girls again.
Rating: 1-10= I give it a 10!

"It's not Over till I say it's Over, Sleep tight Bitches"-A

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4. 5th book of Pretty Little Liars

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  1. The fourth PLL book was definetely my favourite!


  2. Yea I really Loved this one!
    Now I can understand the characters more better.