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Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Lying Game "Over exposed" Recap

Hey! So I know I am a little late with this one but still wanted to put this up. This Episode was my favorite but has a lot of Drama going on between Sutton and Emma, and Mads and Nisha. So It's Homecoming Week and it's all about Sutton going up against Nisha. Emma wants to drop out of the Competition but everyone is Suspicious on why "Sutton" would give up her dream on becoming Homecoming Queen. Emma has no choice. So Laurel isn't allowed to go but Emma convinces Sutton Parents to let Laurel go. Laurel is shocked and is Happy that she can go and be with Justin. Char is Helping Emma "Sutton" become Homecoming Queen but Char mother wants her to be the Homecoming Queen instead of Sutton.
The Girls look amazing here. Emma is excited about Homecoming because she has never been to one or even ask to the Homecoming Dance. Although Sutton gets angry with Emma when she finds out that Emma is running for Homecoming Queen. I feel Emma deserves it more than Sutton. Sutton just can't get over the Fact that Emma is there taking her Place...Well Sutton you did tell her to take your Place. Emma is listening to your Orders. Emma Deserves to be happy. Well Emma wants Ethan to really go to the Dance but Ethan told her that he couldn't but Later he talks to Sutton and she didn't want him to go even if Sutton was there. Ethan is Mad that Sutton still wants to keep their Relationship as a Secret.
 And what Else happen while Ethan was with Emma is that Thayer Kissed Sutton and Sutton makes out with him! Sutton Pick one you can't have them both. Ethan deserves to be with Emma don't you think? So Ethan decides to Show up at Homecoming right after they announced who won. Well Homecoming King went to Justin and Homecoming Queen of course was "Sutton". When They begin to Dance Ethan steps in and Dances with Emma. He said he didn't do it for Sutton he did it for her. Ethan is really Sweet! So At the end we found out that Sutton and Emma mom was a Artist and That Sutton Adopted Dad knew her while they were in High School. So what else is he hiding? And Is Sutton and Emma mom living in a Nursing Home?
Homecoming Pictures:
Oh Of Course when Char and Mads find out about Sutton dating Ethan, They are not so Happy with Sutton for Lying to them.

*So What did you think about this Episode! Sorry it's different than I usually recap Lying Game I will be back to those Next Episode!*

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  1. Lots of love (and love triangles) in the air and of course the crowning of the homecoming royalty.

    I am glad Sutton decided to act on her feelings for Thayer, I was hoping for that way earlier.

    Anyway good episode again, also pretty psyched that they used “All This Time” by The Boom Circuits when they crowned Emma (Sutton) homecoming queen – fyi I put a video clip of that up at http://vimeo.com/29352385