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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My Week In Pictures: June 2-8 2014

Hey everyone! Can you believe that it is now June???
Here is my week in pictures.......

Monday June 2 (It's Good to give Your self a break):
Working on a blog post on the book review for Vampire Academy book #1 and #2. I just decided to combine them together since it didn't take that long for me to read them both. Sneak Peak at the book review :) I need to buy book #3 now!!!!

ItsJudyLife Vlogs!!! I love the twins so cute....

Eating Pizza in Bed!

Playing some Pac Man while Chloe is with her dad. Haven't played this in forever!!

Starting Witches of East End.

Tuesday June 3 (I still Live with my Parents):
Me and my Mom took Chloe with us grocery shopping.

Playing outside today! She has her own little purse. I love Chloe shirt "I still live with my Parents."

Sitting outside watching Chloe play before we take a walk.

We went on walk on this hot day.

Wednesday June 4 (At least 60 minutes of Outside Play):
We really didn't do much today we just had a relaxing day and play outside for a bit. I at least try to do 60 mins of outside play because that is the recommended time that I learned from my studies.

Thursday June 5 (A Small Break to My Self):
Me and Chloe were watching cartoons on Disney Junior. Chloe loves Mickey Mouse!

I haven't had this in a while!

I like watching Livinlikelindsey vlogs on YouTube!

Friday June 6 (My Silly Baby):
We went on a walk today. She loves looking outside.

She is so silly!

After Chloe went to sleep I played Pac Man!

*I didn't post for Saturday and Sunday because Chloe got really sick. I had to take her to the hospital on Sunday she had a 105 fever. We were all worried about her. They don't really know what virus she has. She is still sick but feeling much better. Just a small update I wanted to let ya'll know about Chloe.*

CES <3

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