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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Day In The Life/Our Routine (Single Mom with a Toddler) 6/3/2014

Hey everyone! I did a Day in the life today showing you our routine and what we do on a daily basis.

June 2:

10pm- I was watching The Writers Room they did a segment on Pretty Little Liars! They just talked with the producers about the show also Shay and Sasha was there.
11pm- Chloe came home from spending the night with her daddy. This was the only time my dad could pick her up. She spent Sunday night with her dad. She came home and we both went straight to sleep!

*Chloe usually doesn't go to sleep this late. Her bed time is normally at 9pm just to let ya'll know*

June 3:

5:45am- Chloe woke up so I gave her some milk and changed her diaper. We went back to sleep.
7:15am- My alarm went off.... I have a WIC appointment at 8:30am today. I got quickly dressed.
7:20am- I woke up Chloe and got her dressed.
7:35am- We left the house with my mom....
7:45am- Chloe had some milk in the car
8:05am- Went into WIC and got seen quick. We then went to HEB to get a few things.
9:20am- We are home....
9:30am- Playtime and Breakfast
9:50am- I changed Chloe diaper and cleaned up the living room after Chloe made a mess
10:30am- Chloe had milk and Nap Time! I took a nap with her.

*We usually wake up around 8:30am. She will watch cartoons then we will get breakfast by 9-9:30am. Chloe takes a nap around 11am-12pm. Chloe still wakes me up during the night.*

1:35pm- We woke up and I changed Chloe diaper. Chloe watches Disney Junior while playing with her toys.
2:30pm- Lunch Time!
3pm- We went outside to play and we also took a walk around the neighborhood.
3:45pm- Back inside....
4pm- I changed Chloe diaper then she watches Disney Junior and has a snack while I clean the room.
6pm- Chloe has dinner
6:30pm- I give Chloe a bath
6:50pm- Chloe is out of the bath
7pm- I eat my dinner now while Chloe plays.
7:30pm- I read some books to Chloe and we watch Nick Junior
8:45pm- Change Diaper, Milk, and Brush Chloe teeth.
9:15pm- Chloe is now asleep. I charged my phone and played Pac Man while Chloe is asleep.
10pm- I cleaned the room again because Chloe loves to make a mess. Then I fell asleep.....

*Here is a Day in my life with a 1 year old!!*

CES <3

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