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Friday, June 13, 2014

Pretty Little Liars Catch Up Review (Season 4 Episode 16, 17, 18, 20-24)

Hey Pretty Little Liar fans sorry it's been so long since I done my last recap! I haven't been able to watch these episodes because of my night classes. I finally got caught up with the marathon! I thought I would do a catch up review of the episodes that I watched. The new episode recap will be in a separate blog post!

Season 4 Episode 16 "Close Encounters":

Girls try to figure out what happen to Alison and Shana gives them a message from Alison. Hanna and Aria deal with matters of the heart. Jason is going to rehab. Shana is working to find out who tried to kill Alison.

Season 4 Episode 17 "Bite Your Tongue":

Hanna tries to figure out the identity of the body in Alison grave. Spencer starts to take pills and digs up clues about Alison mystery man. Aria doesn't like Mona hanging out with Mike. Emily father worries about her. Ezra is the mystery man!!! Board Shorts is beer. Emily dad has something wrong with his heart.

Season 4 Episode 18 "Hot For Teacher":

Pills start to affect Spencer. Spencer wants to prove her theory about Ezra before telling the others. Emily wants to make amends with Alison. Aria sees the Guidance Counselor about Mike and her anger. Hanna tries to play detective and figure out what Spencer is up to. Ezra figures out Spencer is on pills. Emily has to help Shana.

Season 4 Episode 20 "Free Fall":

Ezra tells Aria about Spencer addiction to pills. The girls give Spencer a intervention! Spencer tells Aria that Ezra is A. The girls don't know if they can believe Spencer because of her problem with the pills. Ezra needs Mona help. Aria is starting to figure out about Ezra. Spencer mom finds out about Spencer addiction. Aria and Ezra have a confrontation! Ezra was using the girls to write a book about Alison death and about their secrets!!!

Season 4 Episode 21 "She Come Undone":

Aria tells the girls what happened with Ezra. Spencer parents want her to go to rehab but willing to give her a chance. Hanna tries to help Travis. Aria trashes Ezra apartment! Emily tells Paige that Alison is alive. Hanna kisses detective Holbrook!! Spencer parents think Spencer try to kill Alison. Ezra is in New York discussing a release date with a agent about his book. Spencer confronted Alison mom!!

Season 4 Episode 22 "Cover for Me":

Aria is at a party in college while she takes a tour to get away from her problems. Spencer is under lock down with a Drug Abuse Counselor that has to stay with her 24/7. Paige gives the police a note that says Alison is alive. Travis asks Hanna on a date! Police think Hanna wrote the note. Spencer gets flashbacks about the night she had a fight with Alison. Aria wants Ezra to leave town. Ezra thinks A is Alison mom!?!

Season 4 Episode 23 "Unbridled":

Jason and Aria mom is back in town. Emily is mad at Paige for telling the cops about Alison. The Police want to dig up Alison grave. Alison mom thinks Spencer was after Alison. Aria got angry with her mom about not being around. The girls join the Charity Bridal Show to get into Alison room to find something. The girls find out that Jason wasn't in Rehab. Aria mom got engaged!! Girls get a lead on Alison and have to come see her. Emily ended things with Paige! Spencer drug counselor is ask to leave by Spencer mom.

Season 4 Episode 24 "A is for Answers":

Noel helped Alison all this time. A let the police know where CeeCee Drake was. CeeCee tells the police that Alison is alive! The girls parents are searching for them and get questioned by the police. Jenna is not A. Melissa comes back home because Toby went to London to tell her about Spencer pills addiction. Spencer mom finds out that Alison is alive. Ezra saw Alison that night she went missing. Alison threatens Ian that summer night. Ezra wants to help Alison to win Aria back. Alison knew Spencer was taking pills. Alison mom knows who hit her and Alison mom buries her alive!!!! Spencer didn't hurt Alison. Mona helped Alison that night and told her to play dead and disappear. Alison help Mona ditch the nerd look. Melissa knows Spencer didn't kill that girl. Alison pushed Ian off the bell tower but didn't kill him. A follows the girls and Ezra fights A. Ezra gets shot!!!!!! Alison mom is dead??? She was being buried by A?!? CeeCee killed Wilden. Alison drug the girls that summer night but Spencer didn't stay asleep because she was wired from taking pills already.

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