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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Book Review: Vampire Academy+Frost Bite (Book #1 and #2)

Hey everyone! I have another book review for ya'll and this time it's about Vampire Academy! I read book #1 and book #2 so I thought I would combine them to do a book review on both.

Vampire Academy Book Series #1 (Vampire Academy):

Lissa Dragomir is a Moroi princess who lost her family in a car accident.... Only her and her best friend Rose Hathaway survived. Lissa is a princess who is also a vampire and must be protected at all times. Lissa hasn't got any of her powers yet until she found out that she is a Spirit User she can use compulsion and healing powers. Rose Hathaway is Lissa best friend and also her soon to be Guardian. Rose is a Dhampir who trains at St. Vladimir's to become a Guardian but what others don't know is that Rose and Lissa share a bond where Rose can get into Lissa head and see what Lissa is doing and how she feels but Lissa can't do it to Rose. This bond seemed to happen right after the car accident because Lissa saved Rose life by healing Rose. Rose and Lissa escaped from the Academy and stay on the run for two years till Dimitri came and brought them back. Rose was a rebelious girl but under Dimitri wing she became someone else but she also fell in love with Dimitri who was 7 years older than her. Now you heard about Moroi who are royal vampires and Dhampir who are human and Vampire mix who are becoming Guardians but now about Strigoi who are dead vampires who are dangerous and willing to kill anyone. Victor Dashkov is Natalie father but also a close friend of the Dragomir family. He comes to the Academy when he finds out Lissa has return.... Soon we find out he has a disease that slowly kills him and he needs Lissa to heal him. He finds out that Lissa can heal animals and humans but it mentally and physically drains her causing her to cut her self from the stress and depression. Christian Ozera is a anti social teen who parents were turned into Strigoi and killed. Lissa starts falling for Christian which Rose doesn't approve of. Lissa is kidnap by Victor and Rose needs to find her through the bond and save her.

Vampire Academy Book Series #2 (Frost Bite):

Everything seemed to go back to normal with Victor in custody and Lissa taking medication to help with her depression but the only thing is it stops her from using the magic of Spirit. Lissa and Christian are now a couple and Rose still is in love with her mentor Dimitri. Since Rose is behind on training she had to take extra practices with Dimitri and also take a very important test.... Dimitri and Rose went to a cabin where she is suppose to take her test but when they arrived blood was everywhere and the royal family Badicas were dead..... The strigoi had help from humans?!? which is very rare. The Guardians came together and decided to figure out what to do, they came up with a plan to take all the students and families to a royal ski lodge where there will be plenty of security and protection there. A meeting was held there to discuss what should be done.... Two main points were held, one point was all the Guardians should find the Strigoi and attack them first another point was the novices who are Guardians in training should graduate early so there will be more Guardians to protect the royal Moroi families. At the ski lodge Rose still had feelings for Dimitri but when she found out that Tasha who is Christian Aunt might be having feelings for Dimitri, Rose got jealous and decided to use Mason as her boyfriend.... Soon Rose knew that was a mistake. What was surprising was that Rose mom showed up! Rose had mix feelings of hurt and anger for her mom for abandoning her. Dimitri told Rose that he found out where the Strigoi were at and Rose was not suppose to tell anyone but her anger and jealousy got the best of her and she told Mason. With all the crazy going on Rose and Lissa wasn't talking much and Rose also got jealous of that. Adrian we find out is a Spirit user because he can feel auroras around people and can also be in people's dreams. Rose kept getting into trouble for hanging around him. One day Rose discovered that Mason, Eddie and Mia decided to leave the ski lodge and find the Strigoi and kill them. Rose found Christian and ask for his help to find them before the Strigoi kill them. Rose got lucky and found them but humans found them and kidnap them. The humans held them inside a basement of a house and the leader was Strigoi!! Days past and they were still held captive by the Strigoi..... Mia and Christian were getting weak without blood but the leader wanted them to kill either Mason, Rose, or Eddie but they couldn't. Soon Rose came up with a plan for Christian to melt the cuffs and help them escape. Eventually Mason led the others out and Rose was on her own to fight the two Strigoi. Mason came back to help Rose but ended up getting killed by a Strigoi. Mia also came back to help and used her water power to blow up the aquarium which did help Rose. Rose ended up using a sword to kill the leader and the girl Strigoi named Elena. Of course Dimitri came to the rescue and got Rose out of there. Rose was in shock because she couldn't believe Mason was dead.... At the end of this book Rose ended up getting two Molnija marks for killing two Strigoi. Dimitri denied Tasha of becoming her Guardian and He kissed Rose!

* I love this series I can't wait to get the third book and find out what happens next!*

CES <3

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