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Monday, November 4, 2013

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 7 Recap (Halloween Special)

Hey Grey Fans! Time for another recap on Grey's Anatomy and this episode is a special one because it's Halloween themed!!! What did you think about this themed episode?

Warning: Do not read this post if you haven't watched this episode yet it contains spoilers!!!

* Murphy and Arizona are in bed together!!!
* Alex is throwing a Halloween party a Meredith old house
* Zola is being a Butterfly for Halloween
* Alex hasn't been talking to Jo she is worried that the relationship is over
* Owen is not ready for a relationship
* Richard wants a intern to do his surgery
* Murphy got bit by a patient
* Stephanie had surgery on her eyes and can't really see that good
* Shane was seeing a patient and ask her who her doctor was and she said Heather!! She said Heather is always at the hospital!!!
* Jo confronts Alex about way he is acting toward her
* Bailey doesn't think the interns should do surgery on Richard. Richard is kicking Bailey off his case.
* Richard wants Meredith to be in the OR when he has surgery
* Meredith doesn't want to do the surgery but Richard begs her to do it
* Bailey husband quit his residency
* Murphy is upset because of the bite she had to be tested for HIV
* Callie wasn't going to go to the Halloween party but a patient convince her to go
* Murphy tests came back negative
* Cristina came to the party with cupcakes but then decided to leave. She went to the bar instead and Shane bought her a drink.
* Jo went to see Alex dressed as Tinkerbell. She said she was sorry and wanted another chance.

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