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Friday, November 22, 2013

Once Upon A Time: Wonderland Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Taking a journey down Wonderland as we follow Alice into the black forest.... Can you believe that we now have to wait 2 weeks to see another episode? I guess they are taking a break because Thanksgiving is next week.

Warning: Do not read this post if you haven't seen this episode yet.... Contains spoilers!!!

* Jafar and the white rabbit go visit the mental institution where Alice was sent to by her father. Jafar wants to know everything about Alice.
* Cyrus escapes the guards and is on his way to find Alice
* Flashback: 1 year ago Alice returns home after losing Cyrus. She finds out that her dad remarried and she has a new sister. Her new mom and her dad want her to forget Wonderland because they believe it's not real and want her to grow up and be married. Alice is having a tough time accepting Cyrus is dead so they send her to a mental institution. 
* Alice is making her way to find Cyrus and has to travel through black forest which is dangerous....
* Red Queen is out to find Cyrus
* Knaves of Hearts is on his way to find Alice and has to go into black forest to find her
* Alice gets trap in a realm that makes you happy and forget everything including who you are
* Knaves ends up finding Alice but she doesn't remember her true love or who she is
* The realm ends up turning everybody who gets trap there into trees. Alice starts turning into a tree.
* Red Queen follows a trail to find where Cyrus is at
* Knaves gives Alice the necklace that Cyrus gave her and she finally remembers everything and they escape.
* Red Queen ends up finding Cyrus
* Knaves finally tells Alice that after she helped him get his heart back he didn't put his heart back in. That's why the realm didn't affect him. He said that when Anastasia aka Red Queen broke his heart he doesn't want to feel that pain again.
* Cyrus jumps into the ocean
* Jafar knocks on the door to Alice home and tells her dad that he can take him to his daughter

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