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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 8 Recap

Hey Grey Fans!
We are at episode 8 of Season 10 which is crazy how fast these seasons go by... Anyways I am here to recap this episode.

Warning: Do not read this episode if you haven't seen the episode yet! Contains Spoilers!!!!

* April and Matthew took a compatibility test and are 90 %
* Matthew wanted to discuss a topic that him and April haven't discussed yet. April thought it was about checking accounts but it was really about sex.
* Richard doesn't want to get up a walk
* Meredith presents her new equipment that could help patients
* Owen new love might be working at the hospital
* Something is wrong with Bailey
* Cristina and Meredith are still barely talking
* April tries to resist the urge of having sex
* Bailey is having trouble during her surgey and Her husband knows something is wrong with her
* Callie asks Emma some personal questions during her interview
* Shane wants to use the 3D printing on Cristina patient but it hasn't been tested on people yet
* Avery won't let Murphy do any surgical procedures
* If Cristina uses the printer it will set Meredith research back for days and she doesn't want to do it
* Richard was laying in bed when a patient that he has been talking to collapse and he walks to try to save her life!!! Richard walked!!
* Meredith argues with Alex during the surgery and Edwards sides with Alex so Meredith walks out of surgery making Alex close the patient
* Emma tells Owen she can't work at the hospital
* Meredith argues with Cristina about the 3D printing
* Alex finds out that Meredith acting way she did into surgery because of what Cristina said about Meredith being a lousy doctor
* April wants to wait to have sex till she marries Matthew
* Callie is still seeing Murphy. They were in shower together.
* Cristina steal Meredith 3D printing for her patient

Don't you wish Meredith and Cristina would get over their fight and just move on? But we don't know if that will happen since the spoiler is that Cristina is leaving the show after this season. I will miss you! Anyways what is wrong with Bailey? Something is seriously wrong with her but I don't know what!!! I hope they find out soon we shall see....

CES <3

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