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Friday, November 1, 2013

Ravenswood Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

Hey everyone! How are you liking this series so far? I am personally enjoying it right now and can't wait for more.

Warning: Do not read this if you haven't watched this episode yet, contains spoilers!!!

* The five of them are retrieved from under the water and are sent to the hospital to get checked.
* Miranda dies!!! :(
* Caleb gets upset at a nurse
* Remy dad shows up and makes it very clear that he doesn't want Luke and Olivia around his daughter
* We find out that Luke and Olivia dad was the Mayor of Ravenswood until he was killed
* Miranda uncle shows up in the morgue and takes Miranda body so she can be buried
* Remy dad is upset with Remy about the accident
* Olivia breaks down and cries
* Caleb has a dream about talking to Miranda. She asks him for her bag and that everything he needs to know is in their. Then he sees what Miranda saw before they went off the bridge.
* Mrs. Grunwald tells Caleb to call Hanna. Also tells Caleb that Alison is not coming back any time soon to Ravenswood.
* Remy does some more research about the curse and it's always 5 people that die in Ravenswood
* Luke goes to see Remy. He is so sweet!! I kinda think they look good together. He is kinda like Caleb with the bad boy image but has a soft sweet side to him.
* Caleb is sitting in a chair when a book flies off the table. The book is called Leaves of Grass i think.
* This is what is highlighted in the book: "Not I can travel down that road with you, you must travel down that road your self. It is not far it's within reach, you have been on it since you have been born and have not known"
* Caleb was reading out of the book when the mirror started shaking then shattered into a million pieces
* Luke gave Olivia a letter that their dad wrote to their mom. Luke thinks their mom was cheating on their dad. Olivia doesn't want to hear it.
* Caleb lies to Hanna about Miranda. He tells her she is at her uncles house and is happy
* Caleb talks to Remy about getting Miranda bag out of the car
* Olivia got nominated for homecoming queen
* Luke tells Remy not to go with Caleb to her car. He wants nothing to do with Caleb.
* A cop talks to Caleb about Miranda. The cop thinks Miranda had mental issues and wanted to kill her self. Tells him to go back to Rosewood.
* Luke was lifting weights when the light turned off and the weight came down on him
* "When you went to the hospital how many bodies did you expect to find?"- Grunwald to Miranda uncle
* Remy and Caleb go to the car pound but the fence is locked so Caleb climbs over the fence only to get chased by a dog.
* Olivia doesn't want to do the homecoming queen photo shoot. She is tired of smiling and being brave for everyone. Tess her best friends thinks she should do the photo shoot.
* Tess phone gets a text message and Olivia sees it. It's Olivia boyfriend texting Tess about "Tonight can't wait to see you" Is Olivia boyfriend having an affair with Tess? I knew Tess is fake.
* Remy tells Caleb about what she discovered about the curse. When soldiers go into battle and when they come home 5 strangers always dies.
* Caleb goes finds something to break Remy car window to get the bag.  Remy goes to see the window a little open and sticks her head in when the radio turns on by it self and the window starts rolling up on her. The door to the car where the dog got trap in opens by it self and the dog gets released.
* Caleb comes to get Remy and Luke shows up to fight the dog
* Luke gets into a fight with Caleb
* Luke gives Caleb the bag and takes Remy
* Olivia confronts Tess and tells her the crown fits her better
* Remy ended up in front of a car who almost hit her. She was sleep walking.
* Olivia confronts her mom about the cheating her mom didn't tell her the truth. I think their mom was cheating on their dad with Miranda uncle! It was the scene when the gang was leaving the hospital and the way Miranda uncle was looking at their mom. I think something between them was going on.
* Caleb goes through Miranda bag and finds a note. He starts reading it when Miranda appears to him!!! Is she a ghost???
* Caleb asks Miranda how is this possible and she thinks it's the house. She said things can move back and forth here.
* Caleb ask Miranda about the lady that Miranda saw before the car got off the bridge. She says "the lady been here a long time. She is waiting". Caleb ask her "Waiting on what?" Miranda says "On us"

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