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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Once Upon A Time: Wonderland Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

"I fell down in Wonderland, Get back on my feet again. Is this Real or Is this Pretend? I'll take a stand until the end"

Time for another journey down the rabbit hole to Wonderland where in this case the white rabbit is working for the queen, Knaves lover was revealed to be the Red Queen, and Alice is getting closer to finding Cyrus her one true love.... Let's Recap episode 4 of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

Warning: Do not read this post if you have not watched this episode yet, contains spoilers!!!

* Flashback: Agrabah many years ago... Shows a boy getting in trouble by a older man. A women walks through the village and everyone fears her except for the boy. He goes to her house to see her and wants her to teach him black magic. He wants people to fear him, he wants revenge. The boy we find out is Jafar.
* Jafar goes to see the Red Queen. Jafar asks how Knaves came to Wonderland. I think he wants Knaves done.
* Alice and Knaves are on the run when guards from the Caterpillar are after him. Will calls out to the guards and lead them away from Alice.
* Cyrus is still locked in the cage. He ask a guard for some food and the guard gives him some chicken. Cyrus only wants the wish bone.
* Red Queen saves Will aka Knaves from the guards
* Flashback: The lady helps out Jafar by poisoning one of his servants. She then kisses Jafar.
* Red Queen locks Will in a cell
* Alice meets a collector/guard working for the Caterpillar and tells Alice that Red Queen has Knaves. The collector wants to go with Alice to the Red Queen.
* Jafar is angry with the queen for not killing Knaves.
* Jafar wants the Red Queen to do a public execution on Knaves
* Flashback: The lady explains to Jafar about the Genie and why she needs his help
* Cyrus was sharpening the wish bone when a guard catches him
* Red Queen wants Knaves to get out of town with the white rabbit help but he doesn't want to leave. He tells her to just kill him but he doesn't think she will.
* Alice and the collector go to the public execution. They are spotted out by one of Jafar guard.
* Flashback: Jafar goes to the guy who has a genie bottle and wants the genie for him self. Jafar makes the guy wish for Jafar to inflict no pain on him. The lady shows up and kills the guy and they get the genie bottle.
* Alice poses as the guard to cut off Knaves head and saves him
* Jafar and Red Queen find Alice and Knaves. Jafar almost killed Knaves when Alice made a wish linking her to Knaves that if he died she will die too. Instead Jafar turns Knaves into stone and Alice is let go.
* Flashback: jafar turns the lady into his snake staff

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