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Monday, November 18, 2013

Ravenswood Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

Hey everyone! Sorry I am barely getting these recaps done I am behind of watching this show because of my college classes. How have you been liking this series so far? I been loving it and I find it very interesting to watch.

* Miranda uncle was preparing Miranda body to be buried and he cut a piece of her hair
* People show up to Miranda funeral
* Olivia sees a girl standing at her dad grave but Luke doesn't see a girl
* Remy knows that they should have all died in the car accident
* Luke misses Remy and wants to be with her and not care what their parents think of them
* Police tells Luke and Olivia that there are leads in their dads murder case. A women named Abby might have been romantically involved with their dad.
*Miranda found out she can't leave the gates of the cemetery. Caleb goes to meet with Luke, Olivia and Remy about finding more information about the town curse.
* Luke doesn't believe in the curse
* Luke and Olivia find out that Abby been in contact with their dad and they dated in high school. The creepy thing though is that Abby been dead for 20 years!
* Miranda uncle lets Caleb stay in the old groundskeeper house and gives Caleb a job. Miranda uncle Collins also says sorry about way he been acting.
* Miranda is fustrated because she can't touch or connect with anything. Miranda also hears spirits telling her to get out of the house.
* Abby is one of the 5 teens that died together after a solider came home from war. She is part of the curse.
* Olivia found out the teens died in a lab explosion at the school and decided to check out the class room. After she left the room she heard voices and when she went back to the window to the class room a burnt body pop up and scared her. The burnt body was saying help! The scene scared me!!!
* Olivia tells Luke what she saw and He doesn't believe her
* The gang gets together and Caleb tells them he been talking to Miranda ghost. Remy and Olivia believe him but Luke still doesn't believe them. They decide to do a seance to connect with the dead.
* Miranda doesn't think they should do the seance.
* They are doing the seance when they hear a sound and Caleb goes to investigate it. Miranda starts to hear the spirits voices again and is back in the house again.
* They found out that Luke and Olivia dad discovered the curse and that's what got their father killed
* The seance board spells out "Five Pact"
* The chandelier was about to fall on them when Miranda saves them. Luke, Olivia and Remy can now see Miranda!!!

CES <3

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