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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Health Update: November 2013

Hey everyone I haven't did a health update on me in a while so I decided to start back doing them again starting with this month.

This is TMI but my periods have been so irregular it's crazy! I haven't started in 3 months and now just 3 days ago I finally started. I had the worst pain ever with it and it made me so dizzy...

I decided this month I would limit my self on sodas and start taking more vitamins. I also have been drinking more water, juice and mostly orange juice.

I went to a clinic today to get on some birth control and they said because of my health issues that the Depo Shot was what I needed. The depo shot I get injected into my arm and I come back every 3 months for a new shot. I am so glad I don't have to take a pill every day because I can't remember to take them.

When I was at the clinic I found out I have high blood pressure. They made me eat something and have a sprite so I can get some sugar into my body before they did the shot. They now want me to go see my regular doctor to figure out why is my blood pressure so high. They did say for now on I have to carry snacks with me wherever I go to make sure I don't pass out from not eating or having not enough sugar in my body. I don't have health insurance right now but I am hoping to find a plan to get on soon.

My bladder has also been bothering me a lot this month. Let's just say I have been very fragile lately and I have been under a lot of stress for personal reasons. I hope it will get better soon I just have to take it day by day and not stress my self out so much. I have to find my inner peace.....

CES <3

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