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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ravenswood Season 1 Episode 5 Recap (Mid Season Finale)

Mid season finale is finally here and did we get the answers we needed? Well we won't know more till it comes back on January 7, 2014. Let me recap this episode and see what is discovered about the curse of the pact....

Warning:  Do not read this post if you haven't watch this episode yet.... Contains spoilers!!!

* Miranda is in a alter universe where she is with her mom and dad. She thinks she is safe because she is back home with family but there is a evil girl there wanting to hurt her. Caleb has this dream and tells the others about it....
* Caleb, Luke, Remy and Olivia are going through the box that belong to Henry. It contains old photos, letters, etc.
* Caleb reads them a letter thats in the box. The letter is written by past Caleb to past Miranda.
* Flashback of past Caleb and Miranda: Caleb tells Miranda that he belongs with her. He wants and needs her. He can't live without her.
* Caleb sees a photo and the room is where Miranda is now
* Olivia and Luke are talking about Dillon. She been avoiding him to protect him from the curse.
* Henry died!!! He was scared to death....
* Caleb was in his room when there was a ghost whose eyes were bleeding
* Mrs. Grunwald knows about Miranda being a ghost! She also might know where Miranda is and will give Caleb the address.
* Dillon comes over to see Olivia. He wants to help them find clues about the box. He seems sweet!
* Remy is still mad at Luke
* Caleb goes to the address but it's a empty lot
* Mrs. Grunwald "Caleb is looking for Miranda. You need to do it tonight." to Collins.... Okay what does that mean? I knew them two know about the curse!!!
* Hanna calls Caleb and he reassures her that he still loves her. We got to see Hanna!
* Dillon tells Olivia that the map isn't a map it's a blueprint to a basement. He asks if he can go see Remy with her.
* Caleb tells Hanna that he is heading back to Rosewood soon.
* Caleb sleeps and goes to Miranda to warn her about the girl but she doesn't listen
* Collins is digging up Miranda grave!!!
* Remy been sleep walking since the accident. This time she slept walked into the vault bar basement and broke in and hurt her hand.
* The gang shows up to investigate the place. The Vault used to be a bank now it's a pub/bar.
* In the basement there is another door but they have to break it open
* Collins still digging Miranda grave. He needs her body for something.... He uses the scissors to cut something from her body.
* The gang finds 2 bodies that have been dead for a while.... Past Miranda and Caleb?
* They find in the room with the bodies pictures and other possesions. The 2 bodies came to this place to die.
* They also find out that the past Caleb and Miranda got married to each other by a ships captain
* They found a book that contained answers about the curse. The 2 bodies sacrificed them selves thinking it would bring back Caleb and Miranda. They wanted Caleb and Miranda to break the curse. Wow that explains Caleb and Miranda connection!! Interesting!
* They are thinking why Miranda can't move on to Heaven is because she is waiting for Caleb to die too so they can be together.
* The gang finds a photo of Miranda standing in front of a house and they go investigate.
* They find the house and enter. The house lights start coming on by them selves. Then the creepy girl appears and tells them Miranda is waiting on them in Hell. Okay..... That part was way creepy.
* They finally find Miranda and a way out but Caleb has to convince her to leave which he finally does. They make it out except for Caleb who falls and has a brief moment in the afterlife with Miranda. He says it feels right to be with her!!
* Finally Caleb has a heart beat, Dillon shows up for Olivia for support, and Luke holds Remy hand.
* Collins puts Miranda hair in a jar and in a box that looks similar to Henry box.
* Dillon and the evil girl are working together!!!!

Who knows about the Curse other than the Main 5:

*Mrs. Grunwald-She knows something about it and she is working with Collins
*Collins-I think he is a major player about knowing something about this curse. He has a box that is similar to Henry box. There has to be a connection there. Also why does he need lock of hair from Miranda?
*Dillon-Not expecting him! He works together with the evil girl.

CES <3

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