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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Once Upon a Time Recap: 202 "We are Both"

Hey everyone here is another recap of my favorite show Once Upon a Time. So in this episode it's all about trying to get the town back to normal and trying to find a way to bring Emma and Snow back.
Okay so the 7 Dwarfs decided to go to the edge of town to try to see what will happen if they leave Storybrooke. Sneezy was the one who cross the boarder and when he did he lost all his memory again of who he is. Crazy how they are stuck in one town and can't explore the land that's out there for them. They run back to town to tell everyone not to cross the boarder because if they do they will lose all their memory all over again. So what we thought was that Pinocchio had died because we saw him turn to wood but then all of the sudden we see his eyes open and he is gone when his father shows up to finally get him. This had shocked me because I thought he wasn't going to survive in Storybrooke. Magic changes everything and it changes lives. So the town is trying to get back to normal with finding their loved ones but it's not that easy.
So we get more of the back story with Regina and her Mom, we finally find out what happened to her mom. My thought was that Regina killed her but Regina didn't want to do that to her. Instead Regina called out Rumpelstiltskin to help her figure out what to do to escape her mom. Rumpel tells Regina all she has to do is push her mom into this magic mirror and she wouldn't have to worry about her anymore. When talking to her mom she gave her a chance but her mom blew it and Regina finally got the courage to get rid of her mother. Rumpel was pleased and he gave her a magic spells book and said he would love to teach her magic so she can rule if she wanted to. So back in Storybrooke, Rumpel wanted to leave so he can go find his son but finds out if he leaves he will lose his memory this really had pissed him off.
So Regina gets the Magic Spells book back from Rumpel and she gains her magic back. When she arrives at the town meeting she uses her power to prove that she is back in charge and she takes Henry with her. Everyone in town is scared and they all try to leave when Red and David stops them from leaving. He says that he will fight and protect them. After stopping them he finds the Mad Hatter and asks for help but Mad Hatter doesn't want to and he escapes. Prince doesn't have a plan on how to bring Snow and Emma back but he does get Henry back. Regina realizes she doesn't want Henry to hate her like how she hated her mother and she decides to give Henry back to Prince as long as she can see him any time she wants too.
Anyways at the end it shows that Emma and Snow were captured by Mulan and taken to their safe haven place. Emma and Snow tried to escape but just ended them in a Jail Cell. It ends with showing Regina Mom talking with Emma!!!!

*What do you think will happen next? Will Emma and Regina Mother work together? Leave your thoughts below*

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