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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Vampire Diaries Recap: 401 "Growing Pains"

Hey everyone so did you catch the new season of Vampire Diaries? To me that new episode was a emotional episode because there were some parts that just made me wanna cry. Anyways lets get started with the Recap.
Elena woke to questions about everything that happened and she finally realized she is in transition. Elena is not so happy about that because she didn't wanna be a vampire. Stefan and Damon were arguing because Damon doesn't want Elena being a vampire and he is angry with Matt. Bonnie decided that she wanted to help Elena so she wouldn't have to change. Things get complicated when a priest takes over and raids everything and takes the vampires to his farm to kill. First they took Caroline and Rebeckah then they were after Elena and Stefan. Elena started to hear sounds and she was starting to crave blood. Elena emotions were also heighten because she went from laughing to crying because of everything going on. Once Klaus knew that Caroline captured he decided to bust her out and leave his sister there. Caroline found out that Klaus was in Tyler body.
Elena also started to remember everything that Damon wanted her to forget. Soon Elena and Stefan were captured and all of them were put in a cell by there selves with gas coming out of the vents. Elena needed to fed and she started to feel like she was dying. Elena told Stefan that she chose him and that she loves him. Damon and Matt were on a mission to get the guards out so they can get Stefan and Elena out. Bonnie started the spell and almost got Elena to come back with her when her grandma stepped in and told her no. Soon Elena was dying when Stefan and Rebekah worked together to kill a guard so Elena could feed. Soon they all escape and Damon almost killed Matt when Elena jump on Damon with her Vampire teeth showing telling him no. At the end it shows Elena getting a ring and the priest killing people off.

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