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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Celebrity News Of The Week #2

Hey everyone today I am doing the Celebrity News of the Week #2 which is all about Celebrity Gossip. I hope ya'll enjoy this, all my information is from ENews. I love watching them because I believe them more than other celebrity sites.

Disclaimer: This is everything that I found on ENews. It may not be 100% True but try to check other resources so you can know. Some information can be rumors as you may know. This is just what is happening right now with celebrity's.

1. Jessica Simpson shows off her Weight Loss
Jessica is hitting the Gym while showing off her new weight loss. Good for you Jessica!

2. Snooki is Unhappy with Post Baby Body
Lately I been seeing Snooki post Instagram photos of her at the Gym saying there's more pounds she wants to lose. So how many pounds does she want to lose? Her baby though is super cute though!

3. Barbara Walters Slams Donald Trump
Yes Barbara has some harsh words for Donald Trump. Is he getting on everyone's last nerve?

4. Taylor Swift breaks up with the Kennedy?!?
Yes this has been over all the Celebrity News sites. These two have called it quits. 

5. Lisa Ling Pregnant with First Child!!!
The formal "View" Co-host makes exciting news about being Pregnant with first child. 

6. Tom Cruise is suing for 50 Million Dollars
It is true he files a lawsuit against Life & Style Magazine. He is doing this because Life & Style published a story about him abandoning Suri. 

7. Eva Longoria and Mark Sanchez Split
The actress end her relationship with Mark.

8. Is Kim and Kanye Engaged???
There has been so many rumors that these two are engaged. What do you believe? Could these two actually be engaged?

*This is all I have for this week's gossip. I hope ya'll enjoy this*

CES <3

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