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Monday, October 29, 2012

Vampire Diaries Recap: 403 "The Rager"

Hey everyone today I am doing a Vampire Diaries recap since my class for today got cancelled so I thought I would take advantage of this time to do a recap for ya'll. Okay so this episode is all about trying to kill off the Vampire Hunter and about Elena's rage with Rebeckah.
Elena decided to go to school so she can enjoy her senior year when Rebeckah showed up causing trouble. Rebeckah brought up Alaric which pissed Elena off and she threw a pencil at her which came back on Elena and stabbed her in the chest making her bleed. Stefan rushed Elena out and she was so angry with her. Elena went to the bathroom to clean up and a girl walked in with blood coming down her neck with Rebeckah. She put blood on Elena mouth making her even more angry. After she got cleaned up she realized the Vampire Hunter Connor was at school talking to Jeremy. He told Jeremy that he was a potential Vampire Hunter because he saw a tattoo that no one else could see. Connor said he would love to train Jeremy.
Rebeckah decided to throw a Anti-Curfew Party and Elena decided to go but first wanted to find the White Oak to kill her with. At the Party Stefan gave her a drink so she can loosen up a bit. Elena was talking to April when Rebeckah had took her ring off and threw it down the drain. Elena finally got it then after she grabbed the White Oak when Stefan had grabbed her and talked her out of it. They decided to leave the party but first Elena having a little fun. So the Vampire Hunter got a name out of Matt, Matt said that Rebeckah is a Vampire which Connor said he spiked the drinks already at the party. Jeremy had lured Connor into going to the hospital to meet up with Meredith. So with Tyler almost being killed, Klaus is back in town as his body guard also Haley shows up who is a werewolf who helped Tyler break the sire bond but also Klaus figured it out that Tyler cheated on Caroline with Haley. Klaus was very pissed at Tyler, then Damon called asking for help to kill the Vampire Hunter and Klaus decided to help Damon.
So at the hospital, Jeremy lured Connor into a room where Damon came out and Connor got tricked with his own device. Klaus showed up to find out that this Connor is worth more alive than dead. There was a explosion which Damon thought Connor was dead but Klaus decided to save his life. Klaus told Connor that he was part of "The Five" but the Vampire Hunter doesn't know his own history. Anyways back home, Elena and Stefan were making out when she vision Damon and pulled Stefan off of her. She and him realized that she has werewolf venom in her veins. Rebeckah also had gotten the same thing and had a hallucination that she was talking to Matt. Stefan called over Klaus and he saved Elena. Later Elena called over Matt because Matt was now the Human Blood Bank for Elena. When she started to feed on him she wouldn't stop and Damon showed up pulling her off before she had killed Matt. Damon said he will show her how to be a Vampire. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

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