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Friday, October 26, 2012

Once Upon A Time Recap: 204 "The Crocodile"

Hey fans of the show, this is Season 2 Episode 4 recap. This episode is all about Captain Hook and about Belle being Kidnapped.
Belle awakens from a nightmare and she catches her love Rumpl practicing magic. She is wondering if he will ever change his ways, Do you think he can change? She decides it time to explore the land of Storybrooke instead of being trapped. She heads over to Granny's to get something to drink and think about if she wants to stay with Rumpl or not. She makes friends with Ruby and Ruby tells her about the old Library, Belle decides to go check it out. Belle goes to Library to find out that it is locked and looking around she runs into a man who kidnaps Belle!!! When Rumpl returns he finds that Belle is gone and is worried that someone has taken her from him so he seeks help from Prince Charming.
In Fairy Tale Land, Rumpl is looking for his wife who is not so happy with him and decides to go to the bar. When he finds her and begs her to come home, she turns him down saying she can't be with a coward. Later he has discovered that his wife has gone aboard a pirate ship and he seeks to get her back. The ship is run by a guy named Killian Jones but we know him as Captain Hook. Rumpl asks him to return his wife but Killian won't do it unless he is defeated by a fight. Rumpl is frightened by this and he leaves her on the ship with Killian Jones. Later as we know Rumpl gains the dark powers and comes back to seek revenge on Killian. As he tries to find him he meets a guy who can get a him a rare magic bean. He soon meets Killian and accepts the fight, the next morning Rumpl easily defeats Killian and almost rips out his heart until he spots his lost wife who he thought was dead by what Killian told him. She offers the Magic Bean to save Killian life. He accepts the deal and aboard the ship but has one question for his wife, she admits she never had loved him she instead falls in love with Killian. Rumpl angry at this rips out his wife heart and cuts off Captains hand naming him Captain Hook. Captain Hook captures Mr. Smee and says they are going to a land where they can never grow old and they can plot their revenge on Rumpl.
Belle is soon in a flower shop then her dad comes out of the shadows. He says he is sorry but did this to save her from Rumpl. He told Mr. Smee to take her to the mines where she will be sent in a mine car to the border so she can lose her memory of Rumpl. While Rumpl gets help from Charming, they find Ruby among the way and she helps him. When they confronted Belle dad, Charming puts it together and they rush to save her. Rumpl uses her magic to stop Belle cart just before it crosses. Belle is still upset with Rumpl and now her dad, she storms off. Belle gets the key to the Library finally and discovers Rumpl in there to say why he needs magic. It's all about finding his son.

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