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Monday, October 1, 2012

Once Upon a Time Recap: 201 "Broken"

Hey everyone I hope ya'll have watch the new season of Once Upon a Time last night! I am really addicted to this show and I thought I would do a recap for ya'll. So as ya'll may know the curse was broken by Emma when she kissed her son Henry when the doctors said he had died. Henry is alive now and doing okay.
Once the curse was broken everyone remembered who they were and they were not happy with Regina. They decided to go to her and kill her after what she did to all of them. Emma and her parents decided that killing her wouldn't solve anything and decided to stop them. Emma locked her up in a cell so that she wouldn't cause any more problems.the person behind this though wasn't Regina it was Mr.Gold so Emma, Snow White and Prince Charming decided to go find him and ask him why he did what he did to all them. They found him in his store and he told them he brought magic to Storybrooke. He said that he did something to cause Regina much pain. Meanwhile in the Magic Land, Philip and Mulan were on a quest to find Sleeping Beauty. Philip woke her with a Kiss but he didn't tell her he was marked and the Monster I think called Rave was after him. 
The monster finally found him and killed him by taking his soul. Mulan finally told her that the Magic Land was gone but except for a few people who found a safe haven. Back in Storybrooke, Regina was locked in the cell and was marked so now she has to face the monster. The monster came looking for her and found her in her cell to take her soul when Emma, Snow white and Prince charming showed up to stop it from killing her. Regina said they could banish it to the other world by the Hat and they were getting it to work when the Monster showed up and was after Regina again. Emma touch the Regina and the Hat started to work. The monster went and so did Emma and Snow White. Prince Charming didn't make it in time to go after them. Henry showed up before Regina almost killed Prince Charming.
Henry told Regina he doesn't wanna see her again till she can bring back Emma and Snow. He is going to stay with Prince Charming who is his grandfather. Emma and snow was found in the Magic Land passed out under construction work. Mulan and Sleeping Beauty found them and Mulan blames Emma for bringing the monster here and killing Philip. 

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