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Sunday, September 30, 2012

What to expect for Season 4 of Vampire Diaries

Hey everyone! Vampire Diaries is right around the corner because tomorrow is October and the New Season comes on October 11th. So I know I am not the only one that was really shocked about the Season 3 Finale and I know I have some questions that I want answered. Today I am gonna share what are the most asked questions about Season 4 and the answers that I found online. So this is gonna get you updated, what to expect, and kinda a spoiler. Everything I found was on http://www.wetpaint.com/the-vampire-diaries/articles/what-the-heck-just-happened-answers-to-the-biggest-questions-about-the-vampire-diaries-season-3-finale So just a disclaimer on where I found my information at.

1. Is Tyler dead or just trap in his own body with Klaus?
No Tyler is Not Dead. They used the spell many of times before and the magic is all the same. 

2. How will Stefan's choice to save Matt affect the Salvatore Brothers?
The first episode is about a lot of people feeling guilty and having regret. Elena has a big decision to make about if she wants to become a Vampire or not. That decision is gonna haunt Stefan and make Damon very angry. Also for Elena to explain why she picked Stefan over Damon.

3. Whose blood turned Elena?
That will be a good question to ask and answer when we come back. 

4. Is Matt alive?
Yes Matt is alive. Killing him would have been too tragic for everyone to deal with. 

5. Is Klaus gone for good in Tyler body?
We didn't exactly see his body burn to bits so I wouldn't count him out exactly.

6. Will Bonnie turn against Elena?
Their relationship is gonna have a strain on it because of Elena decision. Her best friend is now what she been all this time fighting against so it's gonna be tough.

7. Will Vampire Diaries flash forward through Elena becoming a Vampire?
We will see the whole Transition. We are not gonna skip over it like we did the others. Elena has a big decision to make and that's gonna be tough on her.

8. Did Klaus and Caroline just Kiss since Klaus is now in Tyler body?
Yes they did. All that kissing and emotion wasn't Tyler at all it was Klaus in Tyler body.

9. Why did Bonnie did what she did at the End?
It's a result from being kicked around and being used all Season. It's Bonnie way of saying "I'm not a pawn anymore, don't underestimate me and don't tell me what to do"

10. What will happen when Elena remembers that she met Damon first?
It's just more information. It's not gonna change her mind as of right now about who she picked. But it will impact her feelings for Damon and her understanding of Damon. 

11. Why was Alaric killed?
What was important is that Elena lost everyone. His character deserved better than just sitting in a bar everyday. We wanted Matt Davis to deserve better and this is the way we went with it.

*I hope ya'll enjoyed this and your questions have got some answers now. So who do you think Elena should be with Stefan or Damon? Whose blood was given to Elena? Stay tuned for Season 4 of Vampire Diaries October 11th and after is Beauty and the Beast on CW.*

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  1. Thank you for all of these great spoilers! I especially like the comment about Bonnie’s decision last season. I hate how she’s has been treated in this series, so I am excited to see her start to take a stand for herself. A co-worker at DISH and I hope that this is the season where we will see a “Dark Bonnie,” and I hope that this is the start of the transition. I am so excited to watch this season; with my busy schedule I am so grateful for my Hopper. The 2,000 hours of recording space are going to very good use with all of my shows returning. I can’t wait to come home after a long day and experience all of the drama in Mystic Falls. With all of the mistreatment Bonnie has suffered, no one can blame her for turning to the dark side. As one of the most powerful witches in town, she would be a force to reckon with if she ever made this decision.

  2. Thank you! I know I am excited for the New Season. I really wanna see how Elena will act as a vampire and how she will deal with the choice she has to make.