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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pretty Little Liars: Book Review on Wicked

Hey guys so I know I haven't done a book review in a while I finally have time to put one up. I read this book back in June when I was in Hawaii. It took me only about 4 days to read because the book wasn't that long and I really had a lot of spare time.

So I am gonna start with my thoughts on the book then I will do a short summary about it.

My thoughts were that this book was pretty boring, it didn't have a lot of action in it. It was basically just the girls being depressed about Alison so they had to see a therapist. It also didn't have much romance except for Spencer when she started liking Andrew. A was in the book still threatening the girls and they found out there was another A after them. The only part that was shocking was when the Girls found Ian dead in the woods. Which in the show the Girls find Ian dead at a Barn.

So it starts out with the Parents suggesting the Girls talk to a therapist about Alison since after everything that happened with them and with Mona being A. The therapist had ask the girls to bring one thing that each reminded them of Alison. The therapist told them to put their possesions and put it in a bag and bury it in Spencer's backyard. The girls haven't really talked much till now and they went to bury it in the backyard but Emily didn't want to do it. The Girls all had a bad feeling about burying it but all did what the therapist told them to do. After that they soon found out that there was another A on the loose and thought it was Ian behind it but he was about to go on trial for Alison's murder. Spencer parents threw a Party and drama happened at the party. Hanna and Lucas broke up because of the way Hanna was acting, Emily was still confused about Maya and Spencer had a new relationship with Andrew plus dealing with Ian visiting her saying that he is innocent. Later that night, Spencer got a text from A saying she made a mistake of burying the bag. Spencer decided to go in the backyard and dig up the Bag when something happened. The Girls all wondered where Spencer was at and went looking for her. They met up with Spencer standing over Ian dead body! A had gotten rid of Ian....Will A make it look like Spencer or the girls killed him? or making it look like Ian had killed his self?

Thoughts on the Book? If so leave them down below because I would love to hear what ya'll thought of Book 5 of Pretty Little Liars Wicked.

*Side note I have 1 more Book Review to do and it's gonna be on the House of Night Series Book 1 so stay tuned for that.*

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