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Monday, September 24, 2012

Update On: College (September)

   Hey guys, Today I thought that I would do a Update on how my Fall Semester has been so far for me. As you may already know I am only taking 3 classes and a Yoga class. I also only have to do 16 hours of Lab for this Semester. I didn't wanna do to much this Semester since I am Pregnant.
   For Lab hours I only have to do 16 hours and so far I have 4 hours which is not so bad for this month. At End of September I am suppose to have 5 hours which means I only need 1 more. At end of October I have to have 6 more hours completed then at end of November I am suppose to have 5 more which will equal 16 hours total. So my goal for this month is going good I only need 1 more and I will have it finished by this Friday.
   First class is Art Class which so far I am really liking this class. We don't creative stuff we just look at paintings and stuff because it's a Art Appreciation Class. So far I been making 100's in the class which makes me happy. This class doesn't stress me out at all which I am so glad about. We do have our first test coming up next week which I hope I do good on it's basically terms that we have know in class. All the work so far has been pretty easy but it will make you think.
   Second class is Creative Arts for Young Children which this class is more about creating stuff for me to use with the children. The only stuff we had to turn in so far is Lab #1 which I hope I made a good grade on that. The next one I am turning in is Lab #2 which we focus on 1 child in the classroom and see how they are creative. This class hasn't been as stressful as I thought it would be because I am not really a creative person. We have a Test coming up next week which I hope isn't too hard. Right now for this class I am working on making Puppets for my Dramatic Play Teacher Resource.
   Last Core class is Admin. Programs which teaches you how to run a Child Care Center. This class is the most stressful class because even though we take no test she piles us with tons of homework and presentations. All my homework so far have each took me like 6 hours or more to complete and this is no joke it's so much you have to get done. I just finished my Parent Handbook and that took me about 5 hours to complete. I just really hope I get a decent grade for this class.

Anyways so far this is how my classes are going for me so far. I will probably update ya'll again at the end of October.

So I decided that Next Year the Spring Semester I am not going to do since my baby is due March 22. I just gotta talk to financial aid and make sure it's okay that I do that. I just thought it was the better choice and all I have to do is go back Next Year in the Fall.

CES <3

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