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Monday, September 3, 2012

Pregnancy Log #2: 11 weeks and 2 days

Hey everyone!
So Saturday I have turned 11 weeks and it is going by fast to me. So this log is just gonna be just like the last one so please check out my first Pregnancy Log.

1. How many Weeks are You? I am 11 weeks and 2 days Pregnant.

2. What does the Baby look like? I haven't got a new ultrasound picture yet. 

3. Pregnancy Symptoms? I am mostly just Nauseated all the time. I am really ready to be done with it. I hate feeling that way. Also my back is hurting me lately.

4. Have Any mood swings? Yea I still do it kinda just depends on what it is. 

5. What does your stomach look like? 
I got a little baby bump :) 

6. How much do You Weigh? I think I weigh now 100 pounds so I only gained 2 pounds so far

7. Sleep Habits? I haven't been sleeping that good. I have insomnia plus I always sleep on my stomach and now I can't really do that.

8. Any Doctor Visits Lately? I had one a week ago and all he did was check the baby heart beat and  he told me that the baby is healthy :) the next one is on October 11.

9. How are you feeling right now? My back is killing me I can barely bend down.

10. What are you looking forward to? To start buying Baby stuff and for my next Ultrasound.

CES <3

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