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Friday, August 31, 2012

Pretty Little Liars: Recap on "Summer Finale"

Hey PLL Fans! I can't believe it's already the Summer Finale of Pretty Little Liars. They will be back for the rest of Season 3 around September or October. So this episode was Oh My Gosh Amazing and so Shocking!!! Lets get started....
So Emily wasn't speaking to Spencer, Hanna or Aria ever since Spencer told Emily that Paige had a past with Alison. The Girls decided it was time for a intervention and invited Emily over to tell her that Paige might be A. Do you think this is the best way to tell Emily about Paige? Emily came over and was thinking they were gonna say sorry but instead they said that Paige might be A. Emily got upset and stormed out of the house not wanting to listen to them. Emily told them were they out of their frigging minds. I wouldn't blame Emily because I would be the same way if I was in her shoes. Anyways Emily decided with Garrett trial starting she was gonna spend the weekend with Nate at his family cabin to get away from all the drama and the girls. 
Meanwhile, Aria was dealing with her own drama of her own. Aria was with Ezra at his apartment when she heard a knock at the door. Maggie showed up at Ezra apartment wanting to speak with him! Aria was really shocked to see her there. Will Maggie tear Ezra and Aria apart? or can they work through this? Anyways Aria thought she was busted but Maggie said she never seen her before keeping Aria secret but Maggie told Aria she didn't want Ezra to know about her son yet. Should Aria tell Ezra? Ezra, Maggie and Aria sat down to talk and Maggie made sure that Aria kept her secret or she would tell Ezra that Aria had come to see her before. That would not go good for Ezra. I think he deserves to know that he has a son.
So Spencer was walking and she turned around to see that Toby is back in Rosewood!!! They decided to go back to Spencer house and they finally had.... yes Spoby Sex. Toby said he loved her but when he was hugging her he had a weird look on his face. What is Toby up to?
Well look who can get in and out of Radley....Mona can!!! We see Mona dressed as a nurse and she walks out of Radley and back into her hoodie. What does A have in store for Mona to do? Mona is back in the A lair and talks a call from who we thinking was A. We were not sure what is was about but Mona sure was surprised about it. The girls have no idea that Mona can escape now when ever she feels like it, this is not good at all. Mona is back to torturing the girls. So later that day, Spencer receives a picture text from A with a Body bag that says "Tell Emily and I'll Leave You Holding The Bag." So was that Alison body or someone else's body in that picture? very creepy I would say. A could very much make it where the girls except for Emily have stolen Alison body and Emily would not be in trouble for it. The Girls still thinking Paige was A decided to meet A at Alison Grave Site to settle it once and for all and they had to bring Maya's bag. Aria, Hanna, and Spencer decided to bring Caleb along to help them. Caleb wanted to bring a Gun but Hanna told him not to but he did anyways without her knowing. Listen Caleb!!!!!
Meanwhile at the Lighthouse Rock Inn, Emily was still staying with Nate. Emily got a Call and this person told Emily she had only 1 minute to get out of the place. Emily then figured it out from one of Maya's pictures that Nate wasn't Maya's Cousin he was her Stalker!!! I knew he wasn't her cousin because no one confirmed it. Anyways Emily knew she had to get out of the place and Emily made a run for it when Nate came at her with a knife and put her back in the house. He is so freaking scary, his face expression just scared me. Emily knew she was in trouble when Nate open the closet and she seen Paige duck tape around her mouth and tied up!!! Emily knew she had to save her self and Paige. Emily found out that Nate real name was Lyndon James and that he was really in love with Maya till Emily took Maya away from Nate/Lyndon. He said that Emily would watch as he was gonna kill Paige. Emily made a fast reaction and Fled for outside again and ran as fast as she could.
Back at Ali's Grave the girls waited and waited, finally the girls knew something was wrong and thought A went after Emily. The Girls and Caleb split up to try and go find where Emily was at to make sure she was okay. The girls knew two lighthouses and decided to go from there. Emily was running till she came to the lighthouse and went all the way to the top to get a signal so she can call 911. Just as she finally got a signal "Nate" showed up and they started to fight. Nate had a knife in his hands and they both struggled till Emily got the knife and stabbed "Nate" till he was on the Floor. Caleb showed up and saw blood and saw that Emily was crying and upset. Caleb showed up at the lighthouse that Emily was at and the girls went to the wrong one. This scene was so intense because my heart was beating so fast. Anyways Soon after they hugged there were gunshots and come to find out Caleb got shot by Nate!!!!!! Oh No!!!! I really hope he will be okay.
The girls finally showed up at the right spot just when they see cops and see that Nate was dead and Caleb being taken away to the hospital. Hanna was so upset that she was crying and was calling Caleb name. The girls were so shocked when they finally found out what had happened. The Cops decided to talk to Emily and Paige but all Emily wanted to do was hug Hanna. Paige step in and let Emily go see Hanna. Spencer looked at Paige and gave her a look like they were so sorry for accusing her of being A. Oh by the way Paige knows now that there's another A torturing the girls. Was that a good idea for Emily to tell Paige or does this make Paige a target of being tortured by A now? I kinda still don't trust Paige because of the way she is sometimes I believe Emily just needs to be careful. So the Girls went straight to the hospital to make sure that Caleb was okay and the doctor said that he was going into surgery. I really hope Caleb will be okay. While there they saw Garrett and found out that he is a free man now that the cops know Nate killed Maya. 
While things didn't go as plan, Mona was very pleased by everything that happened. According to Mona, they didn't need to frame Paige for Maya's murder but that meant that she needed the other person that was in the hoodie assuming the other A that they needed to still retrieve a cell phone they planted on Paige. Mona turned and headed back into Radley where she needed to belong for now. Crazy but that wasn't the last thing that shocked most viewers....the next thing I tell you will make you want to go back and start Season 3 again. Okay so when Mona went back inside they showed another hoodie and when that person turned around it was Toby!!!! WHY TOBY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!?!?!?!  Please tell us that you are only joining the A team to take them down and protect the girls. My heart is really breaking for when Spencer finds out that Toby is on the A team.

Favorite Quote: "Emily finally gets over Maya, and now she's stuck with some twisted, psycho Bitch."-Hanna

Shocking Moment: When Nate is actually Lyndon James and he was Maya Stalker, When Caleb got shot, and when we find out that Toby is joining the A team.

Couples Update:

Hanna and Caleb: Their relationship is still a secret but Caleb is now in surgery after he got shot by "Nate"
Emily and Paige: Fighting for their relationship
Aria and Ezra: Aria keeping the secret that Ezra has a son
Spencer and Toby: When will Spencer find out that Toby is A Team. Spencer finally had sex but it was with A. Crazy right?

*I really hope ya'll enjoyed this episode. I was totally shocked at the end to find Caleb shot and Toby is on the A team. Broke my Heart and I still can't believe it. Leave your comments below.*

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