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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Update on College: Fall Semester

Hey Everyone,
  So I start College back up this Monday August 27th. I am only taking 3 Core Classes and a Yoga/Pilates Class. I only wanted to take 3 this semester because I am also pregnant and I didn't wanna stress my self out a lot. Last Semester I did poorly so this Semester I really need to focus and get better grades because as of right now they have put me on Academic Probation but I am still able to get Financial Aid. I am not sure how much I am getting but I am getting my Financial Aid September 6th.
  I am taking Art Appreciation and that counts as my Fine Arts/Humanities course. I am taking that on Monday's and Wednesday's from 2:30-3:55. I hope this class isn't too annoying, I am just not a creative person I wish I was but just not able to be creative when called on. This is in the same building as my other two classes so that's really a plus because I will know where it is at.
  Next I am taking Creative Arts for Children. I take this on Tuesday's from 6-9pm, this is a night class which is better for me because I am more of a night person than a morning person. This is a required course and I also have to do 16 hours of Lab for this Class.
  Last core class is Administrative Programs. I take this class on Wednesday's at 6-9pm. So again another night class for me to take. This class basically just talks about management. I am lucky to have my friend take this with me so we can help each other out.
  Yoga and Pilates is what I will be taking on Tuesday's and Thursday's. I am not sure if I gotta bring my own supplies yet but I have to get a note from my doctor saying it's okay for me to do Yoga while I am pregnant but I am pretty sure I will be able to do this class.

Just a Overview of what I am taking....

CES <3

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