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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Outfit Of The Day: 8/28/2012 Two Classes

Hey Everyone, I have a Outfit Of The Day. Today I had to go get my College books which costed $136 which is not to bad this Semester then I went to go get groceries. At 2:30 to 3:55 I have my Yoga Class which we are not exercising today and Creative Arts Class tonight.

Tank Top: Walmart (No Boundaries)
Bandeau: Walmart
Shorts: Vintage at Sears
Flats: Target (CIRCO)
Pink Spike Bracelet: Forever 21
Owl Necklace: Walmart

This look is my Emily from PLL inspired Outfit. Just thought this is a laid back casual outfit that I can see her wearing. Just to represent the Summer Finale of PLL tonight!!

A closer look at the Outfit. 

A closer look at the Owl Necklace from Walmart.

This is my College Bag it's from Earth Bound.

CES <3

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