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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pretty Little Liars: Recap on "Single Fright Female"

Hey PLL Fans!
  This is the second to last episode till we know who killed Maya and who is the Betrayer. So before I start I must ask you, Who do You think Killed Maya? and Who is the Betrayer? I am guessing that who killed Maya is either Nate or Paige just because they both seem violent. The Betrayer is between Paige, Ezra and Lucas. Lucas has been very sketchy, Ezra has been keeping secrets and Paige is violent and very jealous.
 Lets get Started with this Episode! Okay so Spencer and Emily saw Cece Drake at Rosewood High and was wondering what she was doing there. Spencer went to talk to Cece when she forgot that she was going to help Cece with her event at the shop. Spencer and Cece were talking when Cece seen Paige and asked why was Emily dating Pigskin. Spencer didn't understand and Cece explain that Alison and Paige had a crazy war between each other. Yea another person to add to the list of "Alison bullied Me." Anyways Spencer was shocked and decided to tell the other girls that Paige is now their suspect to be A. Could Paige really be A? or is that too obvious? Anyways Emily finally decided to tell Paige that she had kissed Nate and Paige told her that Emily and Nate had loved the same person and thats why it had happen. Later Emily was riding her bike when Nate came up to her and put his arms around her and ask her on a date. Emily told Nate that the Kiss can never happen again and Nate got mad saying thats the same thing that Maya had did to all the boys. Crazy right? Even some people believe that Nate was Maya stalker and not even her Cousin, What do You Believe?
So it's Ezra birthday but he is not really in the mood to celebrate and Aria wants to throw him a Party. Aria decided to find Maggie on her own to see if Maggie is doing okay but by doing this she realizes that Ezra Son is still Alive and Ezra doesn't even know! How can Aria tell this to Ezra on his Birthday? Well while throwing his Party, Wesley shows up to give Ezra his gift when he sees Aria crying and Aria tells him what she did. Wesley decided to stay for the Party to try to cheer her up. When Ezra showed up to his birthday party he told Aria that he talked to Maggie but Maggie didn't tell him about their Son. Is Ezra Mom keeping her quiet?
So Hanna and Spencer showed up at Cece Boutique to help her out. Spencer went in the changing room to change into a dress when Snakes came out of the boxes and A had locked her in!! I would have freaked out as much as Spencer did if I was her. Anyways Spencer yelled and yelled till Cece finally showed up and unlocked the door to help her. Spencer had told Hanna and she was scared to change in the changing room but went. Hanna had got a dress from Cece to wear and she was changing into it when someone grab her from behind and it was Caleb! He said he couldn't keep this a secret for much longer and kissed Hanna. I love them together!! Hanna had finally got Emily to show up because Emily is mad at Spencer. Spencer told Emily of Paige past but Emily got upset and didn't believe her. When Emily showed up to the event she brought along Paige with her. Spencer and Hanna decided to go through Paige purse when she was away from it and they found proof that she had the earring that Aria had found in her dad office and had put with Alison in her grave. The Girls know have proof that Paige could be A and could have Alison body. Emily saw what they were doing and got mad and left with Paige. They went back to Emily house and sat on the porch when Paige told Emily that She did have a past with Alison. After she told Emily she went in the house and Jenna showed up to warn Emily that she can trust the people that is the closest to her. So was she talking about Paige or Nate? Jenna seemed really scared when she told Emily this. Is she trying to protect Emily by telling her this?

Alison Flashback:
We get two flashbacks of Alison in this Episode! The first one shows her and the girls in her room changing clothes when the girls see a big bruise on Alison back. Alison explained that Pigskin did it during practice. They asked who Pigskin is but Alison didn't tell them her name. The next Flashback shows Alison messing with Paige by sending her a note saying she likes her and she is in the car with Cece Drake waiting for Paige to respond when Alison sees Paige and goes up to her. Alison threatened Paige.

Favorite Quote: "She's trying to Kill us with kindness before she actually just kills us."-Spencer

Favorite Hottie:
I love Caleb! He is so Hot and so sweet.

A Shocking Moment: When Cece explain Alison and Paige had a war between each other, Spencer got almost attacked by Snakes, also when Jenna showed up and told Emily that she can't trust the person she is close to which could mean Nate or Paige.

Couples Update:

Hanna and Caleb- Their relationship is still a secret for now
Emily and Paige- Emily doesn't want to believe that Paige might be A
Spencer and Toby- Still haven't heard from Toby
Aria and Ezra- Aria is upset when she finds out that Ezra Son is still alive and with Maggie

*I hope ya'll are ready for the Summer Finale of Pretty Little Liars. Again Who do You think Killed Maya and Who do You think is the Betrayer? Leave your guess below!*

CES <3

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