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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pretty Little Liars: Recap on "The Kahn Game"

Hey PLL Fans!
So this Episode is all about going to a Kahn Party which is Noel and Eric. Eric we met in this episode as Noel brother which he is Hot!!!
So the Girls haven't told Emily yet about Maya Website being cracked until Hanna decided to tell her. Emily was upset when Hanna told her because she felt lied to. Hanna only didn't tell her because she seen how happy Emily was with Paige. Hanna gave Emily the password and Emily said she wanted to look at it alone. While at school, Hanna ran into Caleb and Caleb gave her the password and ask her how she was doing. You can tell that Caleb and Hanna wanted to be together again and it was only a matter of time till they got back together. I love Caleb and Hanna together they are the perfect couple and Caleb is sweet and protecting of Hanna which might get him into trouble though. Spencer and Aria were at The Brew and Spencer was upset because she missed early admission to get into Penn State University. Cece was there also and said she knew someone who is going to a party tonight that works at admission at Penn State. Cece didn't want to go but Spencer got her to go.
So after talking to Caleb, Hanna got a text from A saying to meet A at the Grill. Also we find out in this episode Hanna got a court order to get her Blood and Hanna Mom decided to get Spencer Mom to fight it. Would Hanna blood be on the Bracelet that Spencer found? Anyways Aria was at Ezra Apartment when she heard arguing and it was between Ezra and his Brother Wesley! I don't think Aria knew Ezra had a brother. Ezra had been keeping a lot of secrets lately. Spencer did though got Aria to go to the Kahn Party because Spencer didn't want to go alone with Cece. So Emily got the Password and got into Maya Site which started to make Emily cry when she went through all the videos of Maya. She was crying when Paige walked in and seen her! Poor Emily. So Hanna goes to the Grill alone thinking to meet A when she sees Caleb! Caleb says he is A and tells her to get into the car. Caleb tells Hanna that he knows there is another A messing with her and he wants to help her. Caleb then Kisses Hanna!!! So back at the Party, Spencer and Aria run into Jenna and Noel, they decided to play the Truth Game to see what they know about Maya and Alison Body. Jenna lied about where she had found Emily and Noel was with her that night too. Jenna had asked about where is the video and Spencer said there is a lot of videos and they are kept safe. So what Video is Jenna talking about? Aria decided to leave Spencer because she was upset by what Noel said to her and Ezra did answer so Wesley came and gave her a ride home. She finds out from Wesley that Ezra had got a Girl Pregnant in High School!!! Omg! So he had to explain that his mother had taken care of it. I really don't trust Ezra now. Anyways Spencer finally goes home and is missing Toby because he left town and decided to just leave him a Voice mail and Spencer started crying when then she got a Email from Penn State Admission saying they got her admission papers.

Favorite Quote: "I am A"-Caleb

Favorite Hottie:
Ezra Younger Brother Wesley is sooo Cute!

A Shocking Moment: Ezra had got someone Pregnant when he was in High School, Caleb knows there is another A out there, and Jenna and Spencer playing the Truth Game.

Couples Update:

Hanna and Caleb: Caleb knows there another A out there and he kissed Hanna! So are they back together now?
Emily and Paige: They are together now and seem happy.
Aria and Ezra: Ezra had another secret and it was he got someone Pregnant. I don't trust him.
Spencer and Toby: Toby is still out of town leaving Spencer lonely and upset.

*I hope ya'll had enjoyed this episode and it was nice to finally meet Ezra brother and Noel Brother. So what Do you think is gonna happen next?*

CES <3

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