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Monday, August 6, 2012

Pretty Little Liars: Recap on "Stolen Kisses"

Hey PLL Fans! Last week episode was all about finding out more answers and saving Mona from going to New York.
The Girls needed help hacking Maya Website to see what is on there. Spencer decided to go to Caleb for help on cracking the password, Caleb decided he would help. It didn't take long for Caleb to crack it and the Girls went to work on seeing what is on Maya Website. Aria showed up at Ezra Apartment to finally meet his Mom! His Mom seems more rich than Ezra led on. Ezra Mom invited Ezra and Aria to come to the Art Gallery. Emily took Nate to where she used to hang out with Maya. And Emily wanted to talk to Paige about what Happen about the Flask and Paige agreed to talk to her even though she was avoiding Emily. Wren and Hanna were at The Brew talking because Mona is gonna be moved to New York because the board thinks she needs more help.
Hanna doesn't want Mona to go to New York so Wren suggest that Hanna talk to the Board about her staying. Hanna then sees Caleb at The Brew and goes up to him but he sees Wren and he doesn't wanna talk to her. I really wish they would get back together!!! So at the Art Gallery, Aria and Ezra Mom decided to talk and Ezra Mom is not so happy with her and thinks Aria is ruining Ezra life. Aria got upset and left the Art Gallery. Ezra told his Mom to leave him alone. The girls finally saw whats on Maya Website and it had Photos and Videos of Maya and Emily. The girls called Emily to let her know but she wasn't answering her phone. Emily was with Paige and Paige told Emily that Emily was with her that Night when Emily was Drunk. Emily was mad at Paige at first but then she went back to talk to Paige and they started to kiss! Oh and the last shocking thing is that Mona is staying in Rosewood and Hanna Kissed Wren!!! Aria decided to go back home and we find her on the floor in her room upset by what Ezra Mom was saying to her. Aria wanted to know if that was true. Aria Dad walked in and saw Aria upset. He sat there with her and told her she doesn't destroy everything she touches and they started to hug. 

Favorite Quote: "If I have a Chance to crush the Mona Monster, I am In"-Caleb

Favorite Hottie:
I love Wren!

A Shocking Moment: Hanna Kissed Wren!!!

Couples Update:

Hanna and ?: Hanna and Caleb is not back together yet and Hanna kissed Wren.
Emily and Paige: It seems that they are together now.
Aria and Ezra: Aria had a not so good talk with Ezra Mom and she is really upset now.
Spencer and Toby: Spencer and Toby got into a Fight and hope they won't break up over it.

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