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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tax Free Weekend + Back to School Haul

Hey! So today I wanted to go to Walmart for Tax Free Weekend. It's where we have no tax on stuff when school comes around for a weekend. I decided I needed to buy school supplies while it's tax free. I start college back on August 27th.

This is really not for back to school it's another sleeping shirt because these are so comfortable.

I bought the Yoga Pants for these so I finally wanted to get the shirt to match it. It's by Danskin.

I am thinking about wearing this to school. I can use stuff to tone it down and make it casual. I really like the Print. I got it in a Medium and it was about $10.

Now for the back to school supplies. I got this File Folder I am gonna use this to put graded papers in that my teachers will give me back.

I got these InkJoy Color Pens. I want to use these to take notes with.

I only needed 2 spiral notebooks because I am only taking 3 classes and I have 1 spiral notebook already.

I got Sheet Protectors because you never know when it might rain and you don't want your papers to get all wet.

Yupp I got the Hunger Games DVD and a Pendant. It was $23.00 Super excited about this.

I wanted this because it has Lucy Hale on it and I love her on Pretty Little Liars.

*Alright well this was my Haul. I know I been posting a lot of Haul's lately but I don't go shopping a lot. I am actually about to quit my Job too so I won't be posting much haul's.*

CES <3

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